Learn 14 Secrets

Tree care and removal specialist John Davis shares with you the 14 secrets most tree care firms DON'T want you to know about tree removal

Tree Health Analysis

Estimating the likelihood of the tree failure is very challenging. There are many variables. J Davis Tree Care has the expertise to access risk with reasonable accuracy.

We determine failure potential by examining a tree, determining defects that contribute to weakening or failure, and estimating the likelihood of failure before the next inspection period.

The placement (location) of the trees defect plays a critical role in determining the level of hazard of an individual tree. Trees have a zone called the “hot spot” which is presumed to be weaker than wood above or below it. This hot spot (zone) occurs from about 4 feet above the ground line up to the lowest living branch. If defects occur within this zone, failure potential is increased.

A J Davis Tree Care Certified Arborist can give you peace of mind in knowing your family and property are protected from potential tree hazards. Especially during the cold winter months and storms when trees are most likely to become a dangerous hazard.

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