Learn 14 Secrets

Tree care and removal specialist John Davis shares with you the 14 secrets most tree care firms DON'T want you to know about tree removal

Our People

J Davis Tree Care is not your ‘average’ tree care company. Nope. We’ve been trying hard to be ‘different’ since day one.

Before we had earned our reputation for first class customer service, quality, and safety standards we had to find a way to convince our future clients to give us a try.

So we became the first tree care company (that we know of) to guarantee Tree Care. And not just any guarantee… anyone can say satisfaction guaranteed. We got specific, put it in writing, posted it on our website and made our guarantee bold.

Seriously, name another tree care company that guarantees in writing your complete satisfaction with every service call.

And if anything about that service call disappoints you, the company will immediately fix the issue at their expense without argument, complaint or excuse.

And if after attempting to fix your concern you were still dissatisfied, they would, without argument, pay another tree care company of your choosing to fix your concern.

Can you name another Tree Care firm with a 200% guarantee?!?


Hard to imagine?

Well. That’s what we do.
We actually get out of the office and out of our trucks to work with our teams in the field and train them. We discuss safety. Communication. We do not hire new employees, hand them the keys, and hope they drive safely and prune your incredibly valuable trees correctly.

We retrain every individual that joins the J Davis Tree Care team. Our standards for quality and safety are far from ordinary. We cannot simply hire a tree expert from another firm and send them to your property – nope – we invest a lot to make them an expert. We re-train every new hire to our standards. And our standards are tough. Many a new hire don’t last more than a week with our company. Only the really good ones.

The result — our clients remain clients year after year after year.

When we started J Davis Tree Care way back in the 80′s — all we knew to do was to take incredibly good care of our clients.  
Before we know what the word marketing meant, clients found us. They were referred to us. They just came – and keep coming.


We have thousands of clients. Many of them are your neighbors.

I suppose it’s because we often call and check on our clients, send thank you cards, and surveys to find out how we can improve. Or could it be because we are available and willing to visit with our clients in person? Maybe it’s because we never setup voicemail; we answer the phone live 100% of the time, or maybe because we don’t hide behind email. In the rare event something does go wrong, we fix it fast.

My guess… it’s because our team is made up of incredibly good people that love what they do and truly care. That’s what J Davis is about.


Exceptional people, service and quality. Not just words. Actions.

Please meet a few members of our team that make J Davis the company we’ve worked so hard to become…
Tree Trimming Colleyville Jose, Lead Forman


Justin DavisLicensee Owner Justin Davis, Licensee Owner
Certified Arborist
Oak Wilt Certified
License # TX-0195


Kieth GlennCertified Arborist Keith Glenn, Certified Arborist
Oak Wilt Certified
License # TX-3339A


J Davis Tree Care Solutions Arlington TX One of J Davis Tree Care's 4 crews.


Billy DavisLicensee Owner Billy Davis, Licensee Owner
Certified Arborist
License # TX0194