Learn 14 Secrets

Tree care and removal specialist John Davis shares with you the 14 secrets most tree care firms DON'T want you to know about tree removal

Tree Removal

Although JDavis Tree Care is primarily a TREE CARE firm, we are called on occasionally to do tree removals. This is an important part of providing full service.

Needless to say, there is an element of danger in a tree removal and should only be performed by proven, highly skilled Tree Service crews, such as the ones employed by JDavis Tree Care. Lawn and landscape firms do not normally employ personnel trained in tree removal operations. This can create a tremendous liability for the client if something goes wrong. Insurance required to protect personnel, clients and property during above ground operations is very expensive, and normally not carried by lawn and landscape firms.

Arborists must pay close attention to certain important factors to minimize potential hazards.

Following these guidelines will make the job safer and more efficient.


Know Your Tree

In large tree removal, the arborist must keep in mind the tree structure exists not only above the ground, but below as well. If any construction has occurred within the drip line of the tree, it is probable that the root system in that area has been damaged. A dead or decaying root system can drastically alter the method in which a tree is removed.

Different trees require differing techniques for removal. Softwood trees such as cottonwoods or maples are much more brittle. Dead trees act much different during cutting than live trees.


Know Potential Dangers

A Certified Arborist will conduct an inspection of the site. Potential hazards such as power lines, traffic, pedestrian activity or any property that could be damaged during the takedown will be analyzed before the job is started. Any necessary power lines, cable or phone lines will be temporarily relocated.


Proper Equipment

While conventional rigging methods are used on most trees removed by JDavis Tree Care, large cranes are sometimes utilized.

The use of a crane in large tree removals can be helpful in ideal situations. It reduces unnecessary risk taken by our climbers when a tree is less than safe or in a bad location. It also reduces the risk of property damage and saves a great amount of time.


Know How to Price

Tree removal is the most competitive area of Tree Service. Failure to understand the complexity and skill required to remove trees without damage or injury results in clients receiving low, low bids. This is unfortunate given the fact more injury and damage occurs in tree removal operations than any other part of tree service.

While we do all we can to insure fair, affordable pricing, a totally happy client is what we are looking for. Proper pricing enables us to accomplish worry-free tree removal for our clients.


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