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Tree care and removal specialist John Davis shares with you the 14 secrets most tree care firms DON'T want you to know about tree removal

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Here is what we’ll do:
A J Davis, Professional Certified Arborist will conduct a thorough. . .
7 – POINT “Tree Health Care Analysis”
on all of your trees and evaluate their growing environment.


We will check all of these top “Tree Killers.”

  • Soil compaction- are the soil pores enough to allow for proper oxygen and water uptake.

  • Foliar Inspection- are leaves vital enough for proper photosynthesis. Are the leaves thinning? This highly stresses your trees and reduces food manufacturing.

  • Excessive dying limbs- signs of stress.

  • Insect Inspection- Control of foliar feeding insects is very important in high heat or dry conditions.

  • Tree borers and wood eating insects.

  • Tree Disease – - We will check all foliar and wood areas for signs of tree killing diseases i.e. oak wilt, hypoxolan, canker, anthracnox, certain blights and deadly wilts.

  • Root Collar Inspection- VERY IMPORTANT! When the collar (next to the soil line) dies- Your Tree DIES! A thorough inspection of this area will be made to head off any deterioration, decay or rot.





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As usual, an excellent job. Clean up was super good. Over the past 27 years your quality of service has not altered. Loyalty is a two way street. We appreciate your loyalty.

David Schweyher, Bedford

The crew you sent to trim my trees did an excellent job. They were quick and efficient, prompt and friendly. They left my back yard clean of limbs and clippings. Thanks,

Bert Miracle, Grapevine

The crew was on time, very professional, introduced themselves and did their job so well. They cleaned up and never took a break, just kept working the entire time they were here. They were also very safety conscious. Will recommend to everyone!

Judy Van Zandt, Arlington

Your workmen did an outstanding job. Their attention to the job and the clean up was exceptional. Thank you all and I will recommend your company.

Kitty Morris, Grand Prarie




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John P. Davis
J Davis Tree Care Solutions


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