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Meet John Davis, Corporate President JDavis Tree Service, Inc.

Are you tired of Tree Care providers that do not stand behind their work? Smoke while they work, drooping pants, no shirts, unkept clothes, no uniforms, and never on time? Finally—A tree care firm that stands behind their work with a “DOUBLE” Risk-Free Guarantee! It’s simple, if you’re not totally jumping up and down happy, with every item, will re-do that item FREE, and if you are still not happy, I mean thrilled—you won’t owe us a dime! Not one red cent for the item in question, AND, I will give you $250 cold hard cash to hire the tree service of your choice to fix things up. Now you can’t beat that. Call us right now, and speak to a “LIVE” person at our office. 817-274-TREE (8733).


Tree Care Services Fort Worth TXJDavis Tree Care Serves the Mid Cities including Fort Worth, Arlington, Grapevine, Irving, Flowermound, Lewisville, Colleyville, HEB and Southlake. Click the following link for a complete list of the 41 DWF cities we provide full service tree care. Every tree service, tree program and tree health evaluation is performed by a certified arborist.Services we offer: Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Stump Grinding, Tree Fertilization, Colored Mulch, Tree Disease & Insect Control / Prevention and More.



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Client Testimonials

Stump Grinding

“Just a note to let you know the crew that trimmed my trees and cleaned up the mess were SUPERB. They were very polite. Thank you for such a nice crew.”
~ Mabel Dorrough, Colleyville

“Great job! My neighbors all thought so, too. I will recommend you to all my friends.”
~ Cindy Jetser, Hurst

Thank you so much for making my trees look beautiful again.  You knew just what to do to help them regain their shape!  The yard was left so clean. - S. Neal, Euless


A Few of The Tree Care Services Offered by JDavis Tree Care…

Tree Pruning (tree trimming)
JDavis Tree Care Certified Arborists follow ANSI A300 pruning standards. As a JDavis Tree Care client you can be certain our team of highly trained tree care experts will prune your trees to maintain your trees health and optimal structure. Tree pruning, done incorrectly, can be dangerous. Our experts will protect you, your property and your trees from damage and mistakes.

Tree Trimming done wrong will severely impact the appearance of your property for years to come. When it’s time to trim your trees we encourage you to use only ANSI A300 Certified Arborists. One wrong cut, when trimming a tree, could result in years of disappoint if the appearance of your property is harmed.


Tree Removal
We are a tree care company, primarily focused on tree health, pruning, and the protection of your most expensive outdoor investment. (as you know… your trees drastically improve the value of your property).

But we are also well known as the tree removal experts. When it is time to remove a tree, call JDavis Tree Care.

Tree removal is very dangerous. We have 25 years of tree removal experience, training in the best tree removal practices, and the optimal equipment and the know how to ensure your tree is carefully and safely removed. This knowledge and our tree removal safety procedures ensure the safety of your property, other trees and family.

There are many ‘cheap’ tree removal options available. We are not the cheapest. But we are the safest. Tree removal insurance is one of the most expensive types of insurance to purchase in the lawn and landscape industry. For this reason, most companies do not carry this very important insurance.

Should an accident occur you can count on JDavis Tree Care to respond. We have the insurance to guarantee your family is protected from unnecessary legal liability and hassle should an accident occur.


Stump Grinding
JDavis Tree Care will not only remove your tree we will grind the stump and essentially make it disappear.

Many lawn and landscape companies and small tree care companies do not have the adequate equipment to both remove trees and perform the stump grinding.

We can fully complete any tree removal and stump grinding project quickly, safely and affordably.


Tree Care Health
We protect your most expensive asset in your landscape… your trees.

JDavis Certified Arborists will accurately diagnose any tree care disease the first time. We will help prevent and eliminate tree-care disease issues and tree insect problems (such as Borers).

We are a full service tree fertilization company. We are known for our soil aeration and organic deep-root fertilization programs.

DISCLAIMER: Data provided by J Davis Tree Care Solutions are based on observations made at the time of inspection and considers only known targets and visible/detectable conditions of the tree and site consistent with a Level 2 assessment per ANSI A300 (part 9) standards, the ISA Best Management Practices (Tree Risk Assessment). This level of assessment is consistent with the client solicitation. J Davis Tree Care is not responsible for discovery or identification of hidden or otherwise non-observable hazards. Observations do not include individual testing or analysis and do not include aerial or sub-soil inspection. Any reference to time frame is not a guarantee for tree stability. Records may not remain accurate after inspection due to variable deterioration of inventoried material. Extreme weather or unforeseeable events may cause tree failure. J Davis Tree Care provides no warranty with respect to the fitness of the urban forest for any use or purpose whatsoever.



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