Winter Tree Care for Westlake, TX Trees: What To Know

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Winter is a critical time for proper tree care in Westlake, TX. With the changing temperatures, ensuring your trees are well-maintained and healthy heading into Spring is essential.

Tree care services from J Davis can help you prepare your trees for the season ahead with their expert tree pruning services. Pruning during the winter will help stimulate growth and create a healthy environment for your trees during the warmer months.


J Davis Tree Inspection for Winter

Winter is hard for trees, but with the proper knowledge and care in Westlake, TX, trees can be kept healthy. J Davis Tree Care Service provides the following winter tree care tips to ensure a safe season for your plants.

Trees need special attention during the chilly months to prevent damage from harsh weather. The first step in winter tree care is inspecting your trees for any risks that could harm them later.

Inspecting your tree early will help you identify potential dangers such as decaying branches or weak foundations. You should also check for moss growth, broken limbs, and dead leaves so they can be removed quickly before they cause further issues.


Deciduous Vs. Evergreen Trees

Are you a Westlake, TX, homeowner wondering how to care for your trees during the winter? Deciduous and evergreen trees are quite different in their response to cold weather, and both require specific attention during the winter months.

Deciduous trees lose their leaves each year and may look dead when not in bloom. To ensure a healthy start, come springtime, deciduous trees should be watered regularly throughout the winter months.

Special care should be taken to protect them from wind damage by tying them securely or pruning back branches that could break off because of high winds.

Evergreen trees often look lively all year round. Still, they need protection from extreme temperatures and regular fertilizing and pruning during fall before winter sets in.


Watering Trees in Winter With Westlake, TX Tree Care

Winter is a critical time of year for tree care, and the proper steps now can help your trees remain healthy throughout the season. J Davis Tree Care Service has been providing winter tree care tips to residents for decades. The most important thing to remember when caring for your trees in the winter months is that water is essential.

Trees cannot absorb as much moisture during this season as during warmer months, so extra attention must be paid to ensure adequate hydration.

J Davis Tree Care Service recommends monitoring soil moisture levels and supplementing with deeper root irrigation if necessary. It’s important to avoid using sprinklers or hoses near your trees; this could expose them to cold temperatures, which could cause damage.


Mulching & Fertilizing

Mulching and fertilizing are two critical components of winter tree care in Westlake, TX. J Davis is the go-to expert for all things related to caring for trees during the cold months.

According to the experts, mulch should be spread liberally around the base of your trees, providing insulation from the cold and protecting their roots from drought. Fertilizing should also be done periodically, with a slow-release fertilizer best suited for trees in Westlake, TX.


Westlake, TX Tree Care Professionals


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