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Like many other homeowners, you might think that all you need is a saw and a ladder to complete the task. In ordinary tree maintenance, it could seem easy to remove a few additional branches. However, this can be necessary to protect the house, family, and possessions.

Your actions may even affect your trees in ways you are unaware of. As a result, you risk seriously damaging your tree or negatively affecting your family.

You may now see why and how the teams at the reputable Arlington, Texas, professional tree care service firm J. Davis, who has been honing their craft for years, should be trusted with all your tree care needs.


Can I Cut My Own Trees?

When a tree is pruned, commonly referred to as "crowned," branches are removed to create balance, promote the tree's growth, and ensure the tree doesn't present a risk to itself or the yard in which it will be planted.

Trees need stable foliage to produce chlorophyll, which allows them to carry out photosynthesis. So cutting off all those limbs no longer seems like the wisest course of action if they cannot prevent your tree from becoming brittle.

As they are when the sun enables them to produce energy, trees without foliage may be hungry. Therefore, the leaves will be lost, and no carbon dioxide will be burned if the thinning is done improperly.

Healthy development happens when the food is cut correctly. Professional arborists know which branches to cut and where to cut them, allowing the tree to recover independently. However, losing the branches is risky if you do this trimming because it can leave the tree not precisely straight.


Expert Tree Services in Arlington

Where to Find Expert Tree Services in Arlington, Texas

A certified arborist is always used to prune trees. It thus enhances the trees' strength and attractiveness.

Occasionally, they might steer clear of leaves that have grown near houses or around overhead wires. But, without question, J Davis is the most reputable and skilled arborist in the area.

Once we've completed tree pruning, your trees will have the best chance to flourish and develop healthily while contributing to your landscape design.

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