Who Does Tree Removal? Trophy Club Tree Removal Services

Who Does Tree Removal? Large tree removal is a difficult task that should always be left to a qualified professional. There are numerous safety concerns, as well as the possibility of causing damage to nearby structures.

Large tree removal is difficult, but when the tree is in a tight space, it gets even more difficult.

With local tree removal pros in Trophy Club, learn how our licensed and qualified tree surgeons can safely take large trees from small spaces.


Professional Tree Removal Uses the Right Tools

When J Davis Tree Care Services is hired to cut down large trees, our professionals take the utmost precautions to ensure the safety of their clients and property.

Working in small spaces to cut down massive trees will present additional obstacles. The following are the steps for felling enormous trees:

  1. In a bucket truck, we raise a team member and gently steer them to a suitable spot where they can access the initial piece of the tree to be removed.
  2. When the bucket truck is in place, the tree surgeon saws off small pieces one by one, slowly and methodically. Before being removed, a rope is wrapped around each part so that it can be dropped to the ground without harming houses, people, or cars.
  3. We'll repeat this part until none of the higher sections are left.
  4. Our teams would then travel down the tree's trunk, assessing the best ways to cut it as they went, after cutting the canopy and upper branches.
  5. We'll remove the tree from your property once it's been completely trimmed and all of the tree's pieces are safely put into our trailer.



Trophy Club Stump Grinding with J Davis

If you've engaged us to grind down the stump after the massive tree has been cut down, we'll do so as well. The stump should normally be removed because it may decay and attract bugs.

This can have unfavorable consequences, such as termites entering the stump and then traveling to the structure of your building if the stump is close by.

We'll still grind the stump down to a minimum of six inches to prevent it from becoming a nuisance in your garden.

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