Westlake Tree Removal Company Removes Trees After A Storm

Westlake Tree Removal Services

After a storm, whose responsibility is it to cut down trees? Removing large, downed trees should always be left to the experts. A trained arborist knows what equipment to use and how to use it, so they can efficiently perform any job. This could end up being the difference between life and death, or at least an injury being avoided.

While trees are often unaffected by storms, severe weather can inflict significant damage to your trees and home. Some of the following situations and circumstances necessitate Westlake tree removal services.


Damaged Limbs and Branches:

Damaged tree parts are hazardous to both people and the tree itself. Any moment, a damaged, big limb still attached to the tree could fall and injure people below. Removing it alone is not worth the risk, so call a Westlake tree service immediately.

Broken Limbs and Branches:

Trees can be harmed when limbs break off and provide access to pests. Insects find wounds in limbs an invitation to make a home there, so it's essential to cut away broken branches and smooth over rough edges. If you are dealing with heavy limbs, attempting this alone is unsafe.

Fallen Tree Top:

An expert assessment is required to determine whether or not a tree with a severed top may be preserved or whether or not it must be removed. If the tree's crown is still intact, it can be saved with the help of Westlake tree removal experts. Because of this, pests and germs will be attracted to your tree and eventually destroy it.


Westlake Tree Removal Services Can Do the Following

A tree service is worth the cost instead of trying to handle the problem alone. Our trained staff at J Davis Tree Care Services can do the following.

  • The Cutting Down of Fallen Trees: Removal of storm-damaged trees should be left to the experts. In all honesty, no other strategy is as trustworthy. Avoid being in harm's way due to ignorance in handling a potentially lethal scenario.
  • Check the Premises: A skilled Westlake tree removal service may find other issues related to the storm that you haven't seen.
  • Put Forward Ideas: A trained expert can inspect your home after a storm and advise you on how to continue. Possible needs range from total demolition to simple tweaking. A certified arborist in Westlake will be able to assess the situation and advise you on the best course of action.


Westlake Tree Removal Services

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