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Spring and summer are on their way, so warm weather and outdoor life will make a triumphant comeback to our lives.

But, before we jump right into the rebirth season, let's take a moment to check sure our trees are ready to shake off the winter.

While you may care for your trees yourself, it is far better to use expert Westlake tree care services to ensure health and readiness for fresh growth.


Do Trees Suffer From Injuries or Disease?

Now that winter is over; it would be beneficial if you took some time to evaluate your trees for signs of illness and devastation.

Even while most trees can withstand the effects of winter, they are susceptible to frost and other winter hazards.

It would help if you did this before they bud for Spring to prevent any significant concerns from spreading. If you're unsure whether your trees are safe, see an arborist!


Trees Should Be Prepared For Full Growth.

Professional tree care services from J. Davis have surveyed all the plants and will address any issues. They will clip any dead or diseased branches before spreading the problem to the rest of the tree.

Even if the trees are safe, they will want to give themselves the best chance of survival as the summer approaches.

Experts will ensure that they receive nutrition to help them improve. In addition, slow-release fertilizers are a fantastic technique to help them grow.


New Trees are Being Planted

New trees can be planted once the weather warms up and the frigid weather passes.

Tree services will know the most delicate areas to enjoy enough sunlight without being overcrowded with their pals. If you're unsure how to proceed, we'll gladly assist you.

Mulch is an excellent way to help newly planted plants maintain humidity and a healthy root development temperature.

If you're doing it yourself, don't use too much mulch because it can attract fungi and pests that will damage your newly planted tree. Instead, professional tree care services apply organic mulch to the drop region at a 2-4 inches depth, where the tree's leaves grow.


Westlake Tree Care Service

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