Use Trophy Club, TX Tree Trimming for Broken Tree Branches

It is not unusual for a tree to break off its branches. Natural disasters such as heavy thunder, lightning, strong winds, or hurricanes, and thick winter ice can contribute to the loss of trees' branches.

Often significant damage or delay in first aid to broken branches will ultimately damage your tree. It would help if you took care as quickly as possible of a broken limb.

Below are some steps to take care of trees with broken branches; however, it is better to let your Trophy Club professional tree care services carry out these tasks.


Arborists Can Assess Tree Damage

You may see if your tree is damaged, yet understanding the damage is different. With the help of professional tree care services, assess the broken branches.

Are the main limbs fractured? How large are the wounds where the branch fell? Has the tree been damaged, and will you need help with branch clearance and damage fixing?


Clearing Branches with Pro Tree Pruning

Begin the clearing and pruning of broken branches carefully. Priority should be given to the small broken limbs. Then remove all loose limbs on the floor to prevent accidents.

If broad branches hang over power lines, help prevent accidents should be got.

If the branch breaks off in the trunk, you don't need to get rid of the entire branch. Just cut the broken portion off and leave the rest of the branch.

To prevent rot from entering the tree through the wound, broken branches should be immediately removed.

Don't try to re-attach broken branches as the branch won't grow back together again.


Professional Tree Care Checks for Damage

A professional can repair ripped bark. They will take a sharp knife to smooth the wound edges where the branch fell off. These wounds don't need any treatment, as the tree can repair itself. 

You will always see scars of the wound in the bark, yet the wound will heal and prevent decay from happening.

Tree Care Services May Save Trees

Suppose you have several large limbs and branches that have damage, or you think your tree may not live, seek the help of a professional. They can prune back branches that are no longer much use to your tree, and it can then focus on healing and have fresh growth.

In the case your tree can't be saved, you'll also need such professional tree removal services as it is hard work to get rid of a tree and carry out stump removal.



Get a Professional Trophy Club Tree Care Company

You should enlist the help of a specialist instead of trying to deal with these issues yourself. For many factors, DIY tree treatment is not encouraged.

The tree can often have concealed damage, which can only be detected by a professional. To care for your tree and deal with broken limbs, tree experts even have the best advice and solutions.

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