Tree Winter Care in North Richland Hills, TX


Even with 2020 ending, it doesn’t mean the weather will change anytime soon. We can all keep warm and stay away from the wet and cold, yet tree still has a while to go before they face any warmth.

Contacting a professional tree care service can make all the difference to the health of your trees. Here are a few things a North Richland Hills, TX tree services company can do to help care for your trees in the New Year and beyond


Trunk Wrapping with Tree Care Services in North Richland Hills

It would help if you shielded the trees from the first signs of winter. A North Richland Hills tree care specialist is most concerned with the younger trees because they need the most pruning.

Young trees with thin bark may be sunburn-prone and crack from frost and dramatic temperature changes, like linden and others.

To stop the bark damage, a tree care expert will cover the trunks of younger trees using a commercial material to shield them from the sun and other environmental factors. They keep this on until the springtime.


Leaves and Mulch are Great Tree Fertilization

Instead of discarding the fall leaves use them as a mulch around the base of each tree or combining them with a mulching machine in your yard to keep back the nutrients they create.

Two to four inches of chips, bark, leaves, or another organic mulch can be applied by a tree fertilizer specialist around the base of your winter tree. By preventing water from reaching the roots, this prevents the wood from drying out.

If you wonder how you can get wood chips, ask around in your neighborhood near where you live, or contact a local tree service in your area that can supply wood chips.


Expert Tree Pruners Know the Best Times to Water Trees

There is no better time of the year than winter to have pruning performed on your trees.

The most common reasons are to remove dead branches, correct the shape of the tree, and protect your house in the event of any falling branches.

An arborist will tell you how much water your trees need and how often to do it.

They will know how to water trees in areas that stretch from the trunk to where the longest branches reach. They will apply 10 gallons of water per inch of your tree’s root base.

Find Winter Tree Care Services in North Richland Hills

If you’re not sure how to take care of your trees and shrubs during the winter, there’s little need for despair.

It’s much easier to contact the professionals and have them care for your trees.

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