Tree Care Services Haltom City. Why Trees Get Exposed Roots


Tree Care Services Haltom City. Why Trees Get Exposed Roots

Intricately intertwined and convergent, the root system is a formidable deterrent to the natural world. Many homeowners don’t get to view the roots of a tree since they are buried beneath the surface.

There are times when a tree’s root system can be seen above the ground. Examine what it means to maintain your tree healthy and your yard safe when exposed tree roots occur and how to deal with them. Your local tree care in Haltom City, TX, can help you learn more about these difficulties.


Reasons for Exposed Tree Roots

A tree’s root system grows from the base outward and downward, even though your tree’s roots may grow upward. Therefore, it is normal for roots to be exposed above the soil because of erosion.

Soil erosion can occur naturally when the earth above a tree’s root system is exposed for an extended length of time to runoff, rain, wind, and even a lack of sunshine.


How To Deal with Exposed Tree Roots

When a tree’s roots are exposed, lawnmowers and pedestrians can easily damage them.

The health of your tree might be badly impacted by damaged roots, which cannot absorb nutrients and water for the tree as they are supposed to.

Keep yourself and your tree safe when you find yourself in your yard with exposed tree roots by following these tips:


  • Discourage in-area foot traffic
  • To cushion and insulate them, propagate mulch over exposed roots
  • Choose organic materials such as pine straw, nuggets of pine bark, or shredded wood for mulching
  • To avoid other roots from being uncovered, cover the entire area with mulch if you find soil erosion signs
  • Stop mowing too close to the visible roots

If you don’t wish to mulch in a remote area in any location around your home, you can plant many grounds cover types after adding fresh soil and other plants.


Tree Care Services Haltom City. Why Trees Get Exposed Roots

Get Tree Care Services from Haltom City Experts

Check whether the roots won’t reach your house or other structure. To make sure the tree is not diseased or otherwise dangerous, you’ll want to hire a local arborist. But, again, the best course of action is to consult with a tree service about the safety of your tree.

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