Tree Care Services & Exposed Roots in Flower Mound, TX


The root system is a complicated mess comprising long, twisting roots that intertwine and converge to provide a tremendous force against natural forces.

Since most or all of the roots of a tree remain under the earth, it’s not a sight that many homeowners get to see.

One or a few of the roots of a tree may often become visible above the ground. Let’s look at what it means to keep your tree healthy and your yard secure when exposed tree roots happen and how to deal with them. You can learn more about these issues and how your local Flower Mound, TX tree care services can help.


Critical Reasons for Exposed Tree Roots

Even though your tree’s roots might grow in an upward direction, a tree’s root system develops from the base outward and downward. Erosion is one of the most common causes of roots being visible above ground.

When the ground above the root system of a tree is exposed for a prolonged period to runoff, rain, wind, and even lack of sunlight, soil erosion may occur naturally, leaving roots underneath exposed.


How You Deal with Exposed Tree Roots

They can easily be destroyed by lawn equipment or foot traffic when a tree’s roots are exposed.

Damaged roots cannot collect nutrients and water effectively for the tree as they are expected to, which can negatively affect the health of your tree.

There are a few things that you can do to avoid harm and keep your tree safe when you find yourself in your yard with exposed tree roots:

  • Discourage in-area foot traffic
  • To cushion and insulate them, propagate mulch over exposed roots
  • Choose organic materials such as pine straw, nuggets of pine bark or shredded wood for mulching
  • To avoid other roots from being uncovered, cover the entire area with mulch if you find soil erosion signs
  • Stop mowing too close to the visible roots


If you don’t wish to mulch in a remote area that could be in any location around your home, you can plant many ground cover types after adding fresh soil and adding other plants.


Get Tree Care Services from Flower Mound Experts

One thing to check is there is no chance of the roots reaching your home or other building. Also, you’ll need local professionals to check the condition to see if the tree is diseased or it can pose a threat.

To be sure your tree is safe, you are best speaking to the professional.

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