The Ways Trees in Watauga, TX Can Harm a House



When you've finally found the house of your dreams, having a beautiful tree in your yard seems like a blessing. When people are looking for a home, they look for trees that are in good shape. While they are a lovely addition to many places, they can be damaging.

J Davis Tree Care Services in Watauga, TX, has worked in many situations where we've seen incredible things happen because of trees growing wild and causing property damage.

Here, you can find some concerns you need to consider if there's a tree in your garden that's growing fast and you want to prevent it from causing damage to your home.


Tree Roots Need Watauga Tree Care Services

When you think of tree roots, the last thing that comes to mind is their strength and ability to cause harm. Roots are a common issue homeowners face, thus leading to us removing trees before they cause damage.

For your foundation, your tree's roots are strong enough to move soil and materials around your home so they can grow. Roots have the strength to break through walls and foundations or water pipes in the hunt for moisture.

If you've ever noticed water accumulating in your basement, even if it's just tiny, unexplained puddles, your roots may have already made their way to your plumbing.

You'll discover before tree removal in Watauga, which is challenging with older trees.


Tree Removal in Watauga Trees for Dead Trees

Another major issue the best tree care services in Watauga, TX deal with is dead trees that haven't been removed. Knowing how healthy your tree is can offer lots of information about what has to be done to keep your home and family safe from such trees.

Cracks in the tree trunk, whether caused by a storm, old age, or the tree's weight, sign the tree may crack more and fall. You may not show when and where it will fall. 

It may fall in the opposite direction, but it's also possible that it'll fall toward your house.

When this happens, we see the damage that can spread across multiple floors, causing a complete roof replacement. Instead of dealing with the fallout from this situation, try to monitor any dead trees in your yard.

While this is mostly for dead trees, live trees will fall over. If a storm hits your trees, strong winds, or another natural disaster, check the trunk so you can be prepared.



Watauga Tree Care Services Provides Pest Control

Pest control is something to consider when purchasing a home or building with a lot of trees.

Squirrels and owls, and more severe pests like termites, make their homes in trees. You may invite a few unwanted house guests depending on how close the tree is to your home.

Termites are something you should know before buying a house with a tree in the yard, as this is easily one of the more expensive projects you could take on.

To make sure your stumps are ground out of sight, Contact J Davis Tree Care Solutions for the very best tree removal programs to keep your trees in the best of health or deal with them when there is no hope.

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Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash

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