Southlake Tree Care. Will Palm Trees Survive Cold?

Southlake Tree Care. Will Palm Trees Survive Cold?

We love trees, and we love our community at J Davis. Unfortunately, while we don’t want to come across as pessimistic or alarmist, the recent cold temperatures have likely killed most of Southlake’s palm trees.

If your palm fronds are entirely brown and drooping, with no green visible, the palm is almost likely dead and should be removed as soon as possible before rot causes it to fall.

If your palm still has some green fronds, it may be saved, but long-term fertilization and care will be required. Fronds that have already turned brown will not return, although new fronds can emerge in their place over time.

Here you can find out more about how Southlake tree care can help get your palms into the best of condition.


  • Palms with brown or drooping fronds are almost certainly dead and should be removed.
  • Palms protected by structures may not have been entirely frozen and could be saved.


Can Palm Trees Survive Freezing Temperature?

Unfortunately, once a palm tree’s center, or “heart,” has frozen, there is little that can be done to save it. In addition, unlike most trees, palms have a difficult time dealing with disease and wounds.

If only a partial freeze occurs, some palm material may survive and grow, but the damaged parts will never recover.

Brown, drooping fronds can be cut off or allowed to fall naturally. New fronds can grow should a palm survive, but it takes time to mature.

A palm is not recoverable if all its fronds are brown, yellow, drooping, or fallen.


What To Do If My Palm Dies?

It’s vital to act quickly when dealing with frost-damaged palm trees. You’ll need Southlake tree care if this happens because dead tissue decomposes quickly, resulting in structural instability.

The ruin has already begun if a palm has begun to lean from the center of the trunk or if the top has bent.

Dead palms must be removed as soon as possible to avoid potential damage when they fall. However, it may become impossible to remove a palm as it rots from the inside securely.

Fluid oozing from the main palm trunk is a sure symptom of interior rot and should be removed as soon as possible.


Can Southlake Tree Care Help Trees Grow?

Palm trees are poorly suited to the cold. As a result, palm-growing regions have moderate winters with minimal, if any, freezes.

Palms rarely flourish when transplanted to other areas, such as Southlake. Some palm kinds are more cold hardy, but even those varieties will suffer significant losses in the event of a hard freeze.

Regular fertilization with specially prepared palm food is required to maintain palms healthy.

The weather patterns are not palm-friendly even when the environment is modified to nurture palms appropriately. However, Southlake tree care can take care of everything else.


Where To Find Help With Southlake Tree Care?

While the summer heat in Southlake does not pose a significant threat to palms, issues occur during the cooler, wetter months. Although many palms can withstand brief bouts of cold temperatures, extended, hard freezes can wreak havoc on large and small palms.

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