Main Reasons You Need Watauga, TX Tree Removal


Winter will take its toll on sick trees, no matter what area they're in. A disease can leave a tree in a vulnerable position.

You will consider doing this yourself if you have such a tree, but it will take ages and be a lot of backbreaking work. As you have a wide stump to deal with, sawing alone isn't any good.

To deal with a dead tree and remove the stump, you'll need local tree removal professionals before getting your garden back to normal.

Here you can learn a bit more about dead trees and why you must call J Davis Tree Care Solutions to deal with your dead tree problem.


Dead Trees Pose Health Hazards

A dead tree is more than merely rotting wood and waiting to fall and injure all around it. It can be full of insects, vermin and disease, so if this should fall around people with children or pets, it could expose them to some nasty things.

This hazard increases in storms and heavy winds, as branches can be broken and can cause damage. Such a tree has to go to the safety of your property and your family. You will need a tree removal professional in Watauga, TX 


Rodents, Disease and Dead Trees

You might believe that rotting, dry wood appeals to termites. This kind of problem warrants the removal of your tree, if nothing else.

Dead trees are most sometimes birds, squirrels, rodents, and endless numbers of insects. If you try to negotiate with a tree, you must compete with all the wildlife.

Dead trees cause wildlife issues and you as the owner. A reputable tree removal company will manage this.

Many trees die because of airborne viruses; other sick trees catch them.

The mold that kills them will become a powdery material and be blown away by a gentle breeze.

An infected tree will infect all the others in your yard. Such a disease can spread to veggies and flowers.


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