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Dead trees are more than merely an inconvenience

If you have a dead tree on your property, you probably want it gone for good.  Even if you are confident to remove it yourself, it can take ages and lots of hard work unless you have the right equipment.

Sawing alone isn't any good as you have a large stump to deal with. You'll need local tree removal professionals to deal with a dead tree and to remove the stump before putting your garden back to normal.

Here you can learn a bit more about dead trees and why you must call J Davis Tree Care Solutions to deal with your dead tree problem.


Dead Trees are Dangerous and Need Tree Pruning

A dead tree is merely rotting wood, awaiting to fall and injure all around it. People with children or pets have to know that racing beneath the branches of dead trees may pose a very serious risk. 

This hazard increases in storms and heavy winds, as branches can be broken and can cause damage. 

Such a tree has to go to the safety of your property and your family. You will need a tree removal professional in Southlake, TX


Dead Trees are Homes for Rodents

You can probably surmise rotting, dry wood appeals to termites.  Such an issue warrants your tree removal if nothing else.

Dead trees are also often homes for birds, squirrels, rats, and countless numbers of insects. If you try to deal with the tree, you'll have all this wildlife to contend with.

Dead trees cause problems for wildlife and you as the owner. A pro tree removal company will know how to deal with this.


Dead Trees in Southlake Spread Disease

Many trees die because of airborne viruses; they catch from other sick trees.  The mold that kills them may turn into a powdery substance and blown away by a gentle breeze.

A single infected tree can infect all the others you may have in your garden. Such a disease can pass to flowers and veggies.

Find Dead Tree Removal Specialists in Southlake, TX

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