Lewisville Tree Removal. What To Do With a Falling Tree?

Lewisville Tree Removal. What To Do With a Falling Tree?

A primary concern is having your home’s roof or car crushed by a falling tree. Such damage is typically covered by insurance, although you’d rather stay clear of a claim altogether if possible.

And what exactly would you have to say to convince someone that your tree might fall? There are many indicators to keep an eye out for, some more obvious than others. So here are some warning signs to look out for before you call expert Lewisville tree removal and J Davis.


Trunk of Tree with Holes

First, we’ll look at a tree sign that isn’t immediately obvious. For example, when a branch is broken off a tree, it can cause a hole in the trunk. In fact, over time, this can cause decay within the tree, which means there will be less healthy tissue surrounding the hole and a greater chance of the tree collapsing.

A local tree service should be contacted if you have any concerns about a hole in the trunk of your tree. If you’re concerned about the health of a tree, it’s always a good idea to consult experts.


Bark Peeling Off And Deep Fissures

To find out how healthy your tree is, look at the bark. Have you noticed any blank spots, rashes, or dents? These patches are known as “cankers” among tree specialists.

Even though the wood appears unblemished, keep in mind that a tree with cancer is more likely to split in that position. So along with the apparent issue of missing bark, deeply split trunks should also raise alarm bells.


Dead or Falling Branches

Leaves typically fall from trees in the fall. Still, it would help if you watched out for fallen branches. Trees that lose their branches do so to reduce their size and their food needs.

The presence of branches is both a structural and defensive concern. Get in touch with a reliable tree service ASAP to remove or trim your trees.


The Tree’s Trunk Slants

Some trees develop in such a way that they appear to be leaning. Your tree must be trimmed or removed if it leans over 15 degrees due to storm damage. We aren’t trying to do away with DIY, either.

There are many downsides to letting customers take care of their trees. Leave the removal of storm-damaged trees to the experts to ensure the safety of your neighbors, your property, and yourself.


Lewisville Tree Removal. What To Do With a Falling Tree?

Get Help From The Risk of Falling Trees With Lewisville Tree Care Professionals

The only thing more elusive than this sign is a hole in the trunk. In a nutshell, you need to look for fungus near the base of the trunk. Fungi growing in the trunk could also be an indicator of internal decay.

After checking, we suggest consulting a certified arborist, so Contact J Davis Tree Care Solutions for the very best tree care programs or use the compact form below for a direct response.

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