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It may appear to be a straightforward operation to cut off a few branches, so they are away from your fence or your home.  

With a saw and a ladder, you might think you could do it yourself? Many homeowners are unaware of their effects that can cause serious damage that can kill your tree or injure someone in your family.

Here you will learn why you should leave tree trimming to teams who have learned their craft for decades, your local Arlington, TX professional tree care company J. Davies Tree Care Solutions.

Here you can learn more about how professional tree care can stop the issues of trying to do this task yourself.


What Poor Tree Pruning Does

Tree topping, crowning, or more commonly tree pruning is where branches are trimmed back to make sure a tree is neither a danger to itself or the yard where it is, or it can deliver symmetry and help your tree grow.

When trimmed correctly, new growth emerges, and although a professional arborist knows which branches and where to trim such branches so the tree can repair itself, doing it yourself can lead to a tree that isn't symmetrical, and the branches stand a good chance of breaking.


How Poor Pruning Affects Trees in Arlington, TX

Trees that don't have leaves can be hungry as the sunlight helps them create energy. Improper pruning can lead to a lack of leaves, and thus they can't take in any carbon dioxide.

Trees need healthy leaves to produce chlorophyll so they can photosynthesize effectively. If they cannot do this, the tree can become weak, and cutting those branches off yourself now doesn’t appear to be the right solution.



Find Professional Tree Pruning in Arlington, TX

It is recommended to use the skills of a professional arborist to carry out any tree trimming. Doing so makes your trees look better and grow healthier.

Besides this, they can also stop leaves growing toward power lines or, even worse, toward your home. J Davis is the most reputable and experienced tree care specialists in the region.

Once we carry out effective tree pruning, your trees will have the best chance to thrive and grow in a safe manner while adding to your garden landscape.

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