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Heat-stressed trees are becoming increasingly common as temperatures soar in Lake Worth, Texas. These trees need special care during the summer to maintain their continued health and prevent irreparable damage.

At J. Davis, we have some of the top tree care professionals in Lake Worth who are experts at treating trees that have been affected by the heat. Therefore, we have created this helpful reference to help you identify a tree suffering from heat stress and provide the care it needs. 


Signs of Heat Stress in Trees

Recognizing the symptoms of heat stress in a tree is the first step in caring for one. These may consist of:


Experiencing Wilting

The leaves turning yellow or brown show a tree's early onset of heat stress. Therefore, if you see something of the sort happening, you must act quickly. The tree will need to be watered and cared for more frequently to survive the heat.


Branch Drooping

Heat stress might also manifest itself in drooping branches. Usually, this happens when the tree isn't getting enough water. This shows that the tree needs to be watered more frequently.


Peeling or splitting bark

If the heat severely stresses the tree's bark, cracks may appear. Therefore, the tree is experiencing severe heat stress and requires water immediately.


Early Arrival of Autumnal Hues

Indicative of heat stress in trees is a noticeable shift in leaf color before it should have occurred. This means the tree needs water immediately, or it will die. Immediately after noticing this, you should water the tree and contact a tree care specialist in Lake Worth.


Leaf Burning

Another common sign of heat stress is leaf scorch. When the leaves of a tree are subjected to excessive heat, they begin to brown and eventually turn black. When this occurs, the tree needs more water and shade than usual.

If your tree shows any of these symptoms, it is heat-stressed and needs the attention of an expert tree service in Lake Worth.


Caring for a Heat-Stressed Tree

As soon as you realize a tree is suffering from heat stress, you can take measures to aid in its recovery.

Frequent watering is recommended.

Watering it frequently is the best care you can give a tree experiencing heat stress. The tree will recover from the heat and be protected from further damage if you do this.

Add Mulch

Protecting the tree from the sun is as simple as applying mulch around its trunk. Mulch will also aid in maintaining a comfortable temperature and moisture level at the plant's foundation.


Trees can suffer damage from extreme heat, so that you may need some trimming. This way, you can eliminate any broken or dying branches. Because summer is not a good time to prune, it's best to let the experts do it. Then, they won't have to worry about damaging the tree and risking spreading disease.

Keep out the heat!

Help cool off a tree that is struggling in the sun. Burlap or shade cloth can be used. The tree should be safe from more heat stress now and in the future. Heat-stressed trees need attention to avoid permanent harm.

If you follow these steps, your tree should be able to withstand the heat. However, it may not be a good fit if the tree is still experiencing heat stress after taking the measures.


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Heat isn't the only summer tree stressor. Pests, storms, and construction harm homes and trees around the home. J. Davis prunes and mulches trees and offer year-round storm tree service.

Tree maintenance is available to prevent long-term damage to a heat-stressed tree. These tips can help your tree endure the heat.

Consult a Lake Worth arborist with questions. Helpful J. Davis. Summer tree maintenance? J. Davis' ISA-certified arborists can keep trees cool this summer.  

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