Keller, TX Tree Care Services Prepare Trees for Winter


With the first frosts yet to show their face, winter will arrive, and it is our gardens that feel the effects first.

Inside, we can keep warm with logs on the fire and all the doors and windows shut. However, caring for your trees may seem unnecessary, yet it can make a difference to them.

Here are a few things a Keller, TX tree services company can do to help care for your trees during the winter.


Tree Care Services in Keller Wrap Trunks

As you prepare your trees for the winter, a Keller tree care professional will focus on your younger trees with less extensive rooting systems since these trees require the most maintenance.

Young trees with thin bark, like linden and the honey locust, can be prone to sunburn and cracks appearing from frost and dramatic temperature swings.

To avoid damage to the bark, a tree care specialist will wrap trunks of younger trees using a commercial tree wrapping material. This they leave on until the spring.


Tree Fertilization Experts use Leaves and Mulch

Rather than discarding the fall leaves, you should consider laying them as mulch around the base of each tree or mixing them with a mulching machine in your yard to hold back the nutrients they produce.

A tree fertilizer expert will spread 2 to 4 inches of chips, bark, leaves, or some other organic mulch about the base of your winter tree.  This reduces evaporation and provides extra insulation for the roots.

If you wonder how you can get wood chips, contact your local tree service in Keller, AZ, who can sort you out as part of their wintering service.


Tree Pruning Professionals Prune Before Watering Trees

The winter months represent the best time of year for a pruning professional to deal with your trees.

The most frequent reasons are removing dead branches, correction of the tree shape, and protecting your house in case of any falling branches.

A tree care specialist in Keller will know how much water to give your trees and at what frequency. They will know to water trees in areas extending from the trunk to where the longest branches reach. They will use a sprinkler or soaker and with 10 gallons per inch of your tree’s diameter.



Where to Find Keller Winter Tree Care Services

If you are unsure how to care for your trees and shrubs over the winter, there is little need to despair. It’s much easier to call on the local tree care professionals to be sure your trees easily make it through the winter.

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