Irving Tree Care Service Near Me. Stop Winter Tree Damage

Irving Tree Care Service Near Me. Stop Winter Tree Damage?

Seeing the Irving, TX, winter wildlife get ready for the season is fascinating, but the animals' damage to gardens and trees can be a nuisance in the spring.

There aren't many active animals all year, and can survive in freezing temperatures, but deer, squirrels, rabbits, and chipmunks are among them.

During the spring and summer, we frequently defend plants that are vulnerable to rabbits, moles, and voles and seek their burrows. Usually, we focus on the little plants and forget about the towering trees.

Learn about the harm that animals cause to trees and why you should use a professional tree care company in Irving, TX.


Care for Irving's Trees Reduces Deer Damage

Early October sees the beginning of the rutting season for male deer. Considering the abundance of deer in Irving, it's not surprising that these animals pose a significant risk to trees during the late fall and winter months.

Adult male deer will brush their antlers against trees to shed their velvet. As a result, birches, and redbuds, which have thin bark, are especially vulnerable to deer browsing.

If these trees lose bark around their trunks, they will wrap. Some trees may survive girdling, but even if they do, they may not survive long enough to be harvested. Losing limbs in certain areas shows this. The issue arises because of the interruption of energy flow from the tree's upper levels.


Tree Issues Caused by Rodents to Other Animals

Deer eats the tree's top half, leaving the bottom half vulnerable to damage from rodents and other animals. The damage to your trees could go undetected because it is under the ground.

Underground rodents, as small as mice, gnaw on the bark of a tree, causing extensive damage and a slow decline in the tree's health. Since rabbits gnaw at the bark's outer layer, their damage is more prominent.

Damage may go unnoticed if snow covers the ground, and the signs of rabbit damage usually appear in the spring, when the weather is warmer, and the rabbit population is at its highest. However, by then, your tree's health may already be declining.


Irving Tree Care Service Near Me. Stop Winter Tree Damage?

How to Locate Reliable Irving Winter Tree Service

When winterizing your trees, J. Davis Tree Care Solutions is here to help. Also, if you live on a property that frequently sees animals, get in touch with our crew of professional arborists.

We can use our expertise in tree maintenance to construct a protective barrier or reposition the mulch around your tree.

To make sure your trees are in the best of health, Contact J Davis Tree Care Solutions for the very best tree programs for the winter and how to stop animals from hurting your trees.

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