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You are out watering your plants like you do every day in the heat of the summer. But something seems to have changed recently. One of your trees seems a touch drenched. But, when you look at it more closely, you will see it has been over-watered!

Don't worry if this has happened to you; you can fix it. The pros at J. Davis Tree Care Services show you how to save over-watered trees in this complete manual.

If you're still hesitant, it's simple to call the tree care experts in Burleson, Texas, to stop this from happening again.


What Normally Occurs Whenever a Tree Has Too Much Water?

Over-watering causes a tree's roots to suffocate, making it unable to take up the oxygen it needs to thrive. As a result, the tree will eventually perish as the leaves begin to droop and turn yellow.

 Taking prompt action is critical if you believe your tree has been over-watered. The more quickly you take care of the issue, the more likely your tree will recover.


How to Recognize Overwatering in Trees

Check the soil if you suspect you may have over-watered your tree. Soggy? If so, act now. The longer roots are submerged, the more harm they'll suffer.

Dry the pot or soil to save your tree. There are a few other indicators of an over-watered tree, such as yellow or withered leaves. Check the tree's base for fungal growths, although you can call Burleson tree care professionals to check for growths and chances of over-watering.


Fixing Over-watered Plants

Once you have determined that your tree has received too much water, it is time to take action. A tree that has received too much water can be saved in a few different ways.


Reduce Water Supply

Reduce the tree's watering first. First, turn off a sprinkler system to allow roots to dry out. Next, check for leaky hoses or irrigation systems that may water the tree. After reducing the tree's water, water it deeply less often. This helps the roots grow deep and robust and prevents future over-watering.


Relocate the Tree

This isn't something you can do yourself, and you will require Burleson tree removal experts from J Davis to help relocate a tree.

 If a tree in a moist area has poor drainage, you can move it. If it's planted, dig it up and replant it into an area of well-draining soil. After relocating your tree, observe its watering routine. If the soil is wet, water your tree. Check the drainage regularly to avoid water pooling around the roots.

 Besides replanting, there are additional ways to help your tree recover. Try aerating the roots. This encourages fresh growth and improves water absorption. Adding organic matter helps drainage and root oxygenation.


Burleson, TX Tree Care Professionals


Get Expert Tree Watering Tips From Burleson, TX Tree Care Professionals

Being proactive prevents over-watering. First, use the proper tree pot. Choose a pot with drainage holes. This helps excess water escape and prevents root rot. Another method is to employ the best tree care in the region.

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