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Do you own an oak? If so, water it regularly for health and life. Here you can learn more from Crowley Tree Care Services as they explain how to water your oak tree, so it stays healthy.


Are Oak Trees Thirsty?

Yes, oak trees are thirsty! During the growing season, they can consume 100 gallons of water daily. Therefore, ensure they have a steady water supply.

The roots absorb soil water and send it to the tree, so keeping the roots well-hydrated is vital. Most often, you’ll need to deeply water your oak tree once a week, focusing on the trunk and surrounding area. Crowley tree care services can ensure your trees are regularly watered and advise the best ways to do this.


What Happens If I Forget To Water My Trees?

A dry oak tree can suffer. The leaves will turn yellow and drop, causing other problems. In severe circumstances, the tree dies. So, make sure your oak tree gets an essential source of water.

New oak trees should be watered daily for the first week if planted in late spring or summer. Then water every other day for two weeks.

Depending on the temperature, soil type, sun exposure, humidity, and rainfall, water them 2-3 times a week. Ensure the soil is dry before watering and wait a few days to water if the soil is still wet. If you have new trees, it’s best to use Crowley Tree Care Services J Davis experts to do this for you.


How Often To Water A Tree?

During drought, established trees should be watered every 7-10 days. Ensure the soil is dry before watering. If the soil is still wet, wait a few days to water.

Morning is excellent for watering trees as the roots absorb the water before the sun evaporates it.

Evening watering can be helpful, but avoid watering late at night so leaves can dry before temperatures drop.


Can You Overwater Oak Trees?

You can over-water an oak tree, and this is the reason you are better at using the skills of J Davis Tree Care Services. However, more than once a week or too much water can rot the roots, leading to your tree suffocating.

There are signs of an over-watered tree. For example, the bark peels, the leaves become yellow, and the roots rot. When you detect any of these signs, cut back on watering so the tree can recover.

Yes, a tree can recover from over watering, provided you discover the problem early. However, if the roots rot, the tree may be lost. Therefore, it’s essential to water your trees regularly and only as needed.


  • Too much moisture near tree roots causes rot.
  • When leaves water, they turn brown and die.
  • In Texas, sunscald occurs when the direct sun overheats trunk or branch tissue, killing it.
  • Insects attack drought- and water-stressed trees.

If you suspect your oak tree has any problems, contact a J Davis-certified arborist. Our arborists are experts in caring for oak trees and can establish a watering schedule for you. Contact J Davis.


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