How Keller Tree Care Company Helps Stop Winter Animal Damage



While it’s fascinating to see how winter wildlife prepares for Keller, TX winters, it’s a pain come spring to see the damage animals make to gardens and most of all trees in the winter.

Only a few species are active year-round and survive in the cold are animals such as deer, squirrels, rabbits, and chipmunks.

We frequently protect plants most vulnerable in the spring and summer, and we seek the burrow’s rabbits, moles, and voles seek solace.

We often take more precaution over smaller plants and forget our trees.

Here, you can learn the damage animals make to trees, and why seek the help of a Keller, TX professional tree care company.


Deer Rutting Needs a Tree care Company to Help

In the early fall, male deer are heading to the rutting season. With many deer inhabiting Keller State, TX, it’s no wonder deer can be among the prime threats to trees during fall and early winter.

Male deer rub antlers against trees to rub off their velvet. If you have thin-barked trees, such as birch and redbud, these are more vulnerable to deer damage than others.

If these thin-barked trees encounter loss of bark around the trunk’s entire circumference, they will be prone to girdling. When trees girdle, they can die even if some recover. Signs of this are limb loss in these areas. 

The problem comes from energy loss as the transfer is cut off from higher up the tree.


Small Animals and Rodent Damage

Deer destroy the trunk’s upper half, leaving the bottom half to be aggravated by smaller creatures. The lower damage of your trees may go unnoticed because the damage is under the soil.

Tiny rodents chew on bark under the surface and significantly harm the tree, steadily degrading health. Rabbit harm is much more noticeable as they chew over the surface level at the bark and leave apparent damage to the bark’s exterior.

Should there be any snow, then this damage may go unnoticed. It is often spring when rabbit damage can be seen, and by then, the health of your tree may suffer.

We, at J. Davis Tree Care Solutions, can help protect your trees through the tough winter months. If you currently live on a property that receives many animals visiting, reach out to our team of certified arborists.


We can use all the skills and techniques from our tree care services to make a barrier or move mulch around your tree.

To make sure your trees are in the best of health, Contact J Davis Tree Care Solutions for the very best tree programs for the winter and how to stop animals hurting your trees.

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