How Can I Tell If My Lewisville Tree Is Going to Fall?



The last thing you want is that your tree would collapse on your roof or your car. It is typically protected by insurance for such injury. That said, in the first place, you would much rather avoid having to file a claim.

And how can you say precisely that your tree could be at risk of falling? There are a variety of signs to watch for, some of which are more noticeable than others. Before you call your Lewisville tree care services, you can look here at some signs.


Holes in Tree Trunk

We will begin with a not-so-obvious tree sign. A cavity can form in the trunk of a tree when a branch is dropped. In reality, this can lead to decay within the tree over time—the less solid wood around the hole and the higher the chance your tree has of falling. 

If you have questions about a hole in your tree's trunk, please contact a local tree service. It never hurts to speak to tree care specialists to be safe.


Missing Bark and Deep Cracks

Inspect your tree's bark. Are you conscious of missing, rash or indented places? The experts in the trees refer to these fields as "cankers."

Be mindful that cancer will make a tree more likely to split in that position, even though the wood looks perfectly good. Besides the missing bark, deep cracks are a red flag in the health of a tree.


Dead or Falling Branches

In the fall season, it's common for trees to cast their leaves. However, fallen branches should be of concern. A tree that loses its branches attempts to become smaller, so that it doesn't eat so much.

Branches will pose protection and structural threat. So, before anything terrible happens, contact a trustworthy tree removal or tree trimming business.


Tree Trunk Leans

Some trees grow in just such a fashion that they appear naturally bent. However, if your tree leans upwards of 15 degrees, you must take action thanks to sudden storm damage. Nor are we talking about the elimination of DIY.

There are many reasons not to provide DIY tree care. The protection of your neighbors, your house, and yourself, so make sure you leave storm-damaged trees in the hands of a professional.



Roots are Rotting

Along with a hole in the trunk, this sign may be the hardest to find. In short, you're going to want to search for any fungus growing from around bottom of the trunk. Another clue that the tree rots inside may be fungi growing in the trunk.

After checking, we suggest consulting a certified arborist, so Contact J Davis Tree Care Solutions for the very best tree care programs or use the compact form below for a direct response.

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