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Euless Tree Care Services

Maintaining the health of your tree is a vital aspect of maintaining the aesthetic value of your property. A tree can become unhealthy because of various factors, including disease, weather, invasive species, and pests.

The sooner you figure out what's causing a tree's health to deteriorate, the more likely you are to save it. Here are some tips on how to tell whether you have a tree pest infestation.

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Tree Care Services Know Your Tree Species

Different tree species are vulnerable to various pests and diseases. Learn about the many types of trees you have on your property and which pests may pose a threat to their health. Research the tree pests that most typically affect your area because they are regional.


Euless Tree Experts Inspect the Foliage

Leaves that appear to be yellowing or withering could be a warning sign. Discoloration, sudden canopy thinning, inconsistent leaf sizing, and borer holes are all things to look for. These signs could show a pest infestation.

Check For Bugs

Look for any bugs or unusual bug behavior. If you see a lot of one type of bug, your tree is likely infested. To evaluate a tree with many bugs visible, contact a certified arborist.

  • Mites, Bagworm

  • Carpenter Ants, Cypress Leaf Beetles, Cicadas

  • Pine Bark Beetles, Deodar Weevils

  • Southern Pine Beetles, Pine Sawflies

  • Pine Tip Moths, Southern Pine Coneworm

  • Variable Oak Leaf Caterpillar

  • Oak Treehopper, Oak Leafroller, and more


Tree Care Services In Euless Inspect The Trunk And Branches

Examine the trunk and branches of a tree before removing it. You may have a pest problem if they look to be harmed. Look for burrowed holes in the trunk, as they can rapidly kill a tree. Slow branch growth, rising roots, and frass on the trunk are all signs to look for.


Euless Tree Care Services


Where Are Tree Care Service in Euless

You have a better chance of discovering pest problems before it's too late if you're proactive and take care of your tree's health.

If you see signs of an infestation on your tree, call a trained arborist right once to evaluate it.

They'll be able to diagnose the issue and tell you whether the tree can be saved or if it needs to be removed. Contact J Davis Tree Care Solutions for the absolute best tree programs, or use the compact form below for a direct response.

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