Do I Need Tree Planting Tips? Northlake Tree Care

Residential Tree Care Services In Northlake, TX

If you want greenery and shade, plant a tree. Trees are a beautiful addition to any residential landscape, providing shade during Northlake, TX, summers, reducing energy costs, and more.

Before planting, remember a few things. Here, we discuss tree planting and care for residential landscapes.

Read on for tips from Northlake Tree Care, whether you're a beginner or an expert.


In Northlake and the surrounding area, J Davis is the go-to sustainable tree care provider for commercial and residential properties. Contact our Northlake tree care specialists today, and take advantage of individualized recommendations and Northlake's top tree health care services.


Why Plant Trees in Residential Landscapes?

Trees in the Northlake area help the environment by removing harmful substances from the air and water through a series of natural biological processes.

Their presence makes the long, hot summers in Northlake, TX, bearable as they provide much-needed shade for homes and cut down on energy costs.


Best Tree Types to Plant in Northlake

Native or well-adapted trees are best for Northlake. Choosing a tree that can thrive in our alkaline soil and climate will be easier to care for.

Choose a tree that can withstand heat and drought during our long summers. Northlake, TX, trees aren't limited, which is excellent! There are trees for every homeowner, whether they want shade, privacy, or aesthetic value.


Tree Planting Tips: How to Plant a Tree in Northlake

If you want to plant trees in Northlake, Texas, follow these guidelines or use experts from J Davis to do the delicate task.

  1. It's best to pass on trees with a V shape or multiple trunks and those with wounds, weeds, or roots growing out of the pots or containers.
  2. Pick an ideal place. Pick a spot that can accommodate the tree's mature size, which will vary by species. Being familiar with things like underground pipes and power lines is a must. With some forethought, you can maximize your tree's aesthetic value while also lowering the risk of future problems that could jeopardize the security of your home's landscape.
  3. Dig the hole as deep as the root ball is high and as wide as the root ball. This prepares the ground for your tree's roots and breaks up compacted soil for more manageable root growth.
  4. When placing the tree into the hole, lift it with the root ball instead of the trunk.
  5. Check the tree's symmetry before returning the native soil to the hole. To facilitate root system establishment, the native soil should be kept moist.


New Tree Watering With J Davis in Northlake, TX

Watering is essential for newly planted trees and shrubs because their root systems need more water to become established first than older trees' root systems.

When you plant new trees, give them plenty of water. Water them every day for the first two weeks after planting, then every two to three days for the next 12 weeks, and finally once a week for the final 12 weeks until the roots are fully established.

For more information on how to water your tree, check out our blog post, or contact a J Davis ISA Certified Arborist.


Residential Tree Care Services In Northlake, TX

Residential Tree Care Services In Northlake, TX

You still have work to do after planting and watering your tree correctly. Tree trimming and pruning services and timed tree fertilization are essential for the health of all trees and should be provided at a bare minimum of once per year.

Besides being more susceptible to stress and a wide range of tree pests and diseases, newly planted trees are more prone to losing their health.

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