Dealing With Tree Tar Spot? Grapevine Tree Care Services

Dealing With Tree Tar Spot? Grapevine Tree Care Services

Many trees fall victim to tar spot, a fungal disease. J Davis Tree Service can meet all your tree-cutting requirements. J Davis Tree Care Services has trained professionals who can remove the tar from those spots.

Here, you'll find information about tar spots and the Grapevine tree care professionals who can help you take care of your trees.


Make Trees Healthy with Grapevine Tree Care

Regarding tar spots, the maple tree is one of the most susceptible species. Therefore, you should regularly check on the trees in your yard health.

Dark black lesions, called tar spots, can be caused by a fungus on maple and other tree leaves. It's caused the trees to shed their leaves earlier than usual. As a result, humidity levels in the air tend to be highest in the spring and summer.

In the long run, tar stains won't hurt anything. However, those scars take away from your beauty. The spectacular maple tree display is hidden from view because it is too early in the year for the leaves to change color. Check with experts in tree care to be sure your trees aren't sick.


How Grapevine Tree Care Treats Tar Spot 

Owners of trees can avoid tar stains by sweeping up all the leaves that have fallen from their trees. Then, it would help if you burned the diseased trees, so the disease doesn't spread to healthy trees.

Tar spot spores are spread from infected leaves to healthy ones, allowing the disease to spread to other trees. Getting rid of any pools of water will help reduce the humidity level. The tar stain can now be removed with a fungicide. However, if you believe in your competence, that will go a long way.

Your tree's growth rate may be hampered if you use the wrong application technique. However, your tree is mature enough that you can stop protecting it with it. Experts in Grapevine, Texas, and tree care, can help.


Dealing With Tree Tar Spot? Grapevine Tree Care Services

Where to Find Grapevine Tree Care Services 

The visual appeal of your surroundings may be negatively affected by tar spots and other tree diseases. J Davis tree care specialists can ensure that your trees stay healthy and attractive. During tree pruning, our specialists remove infected limbs and foliage.

Your swimming pools, power lines, and houses will be safe. However, without proper management, trees can pose more problems than they're worth. Protecting yourself and others from harm requires regular tree maintenance.

So when you have problems with trees and need local experts, do not wait and be sure to Contact J Davis Tree Care Solutions for the best tree care programs or use the compact form below for a direct response.

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