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In Roanoke, Texas, it is summer, which only means one thing: it is hot. As a result, younger and newly planted trees will struggle to flourish in the heat and humidity, while older, more established trees are well acclimated to these harsh conditions.

This stress on the tree can cause stunted development, degradation, and even death.

Learn more about what you can do at home to help your tree realize its full potential and reduce stress over the summer; if you struggle, you can employ the help of professional tree care from J Davis.


Properly Water Your Tree With Roanoke Tree Care Services

Water is crucial to a tree's basic survival, just like it is to us. Unfortunately, young or recently planted trees have not developed the same vast root systems as older trees.

 It's crucial to give the tree a consistent, thorough watering while it develops its root structure. Every two to three days, while the temperature is above 90 degrees, water your tree for about three minutes and soaked the ground next to the tree's trunk.

 Pay special attention while you water it because the amount and frequency of watering will vary depending on your soil, location, and type of tree. Consider watering the tree less frequently and letting the standing water soak in if there is standing water pooling around it that doesn't drain between waterings.

 The amount of water needed by the tree may be less if it is in a shaded area away from all-day exposure to direct sunlight. Some tree species need more water, while others don't at all.

Roanoke tree care services, know precisely how much water your tree needs and the signs of it having too much or not enough water. 


Mulch Your Tree

Mulching a tree is a crucial step in planting and caring for a tree, but is frequently neglected or done incorrectly. The tree should be surrounded by a mulch layer that is 1-2 inches thick and has the same radius as the tree's canopy.

To direct water toward the tree, the mulch ring's outside edge should be mound-shaped to resemble a doughnut. This mulch layer will help keep moisture around the tree's roots moist, allowing the roots to absorb water that might otherwise evaporate and be lost.

Avoid piling mulch up around the tree trunk. Covering the trunk prevents insects from hiding and maintains too much moisture, which promotes the growth of fungus and bacteria that cause rot and decay in the tree. A mulch bed will also lessen the grass and weeds that compete with the tree for water and resources. The soil surrounding the tree's roots should be covered with mulch, but not the trunk.


Maintain A Regular Watering Schedule

Your trees will be healthier and happier throughout the upcoming hot months if you keep up a regular watering routine and mulch your trees to help retain water.

Giving your tree all the support it needs now will help it grow and become established for future generations. A tree's future health is affected by the conditions it faces while it is still young. As your tree develops to become a new member of your family, it will appreciate whatever you can do to reduce stress in its life.


Roanoke Tree Care Services

Roanoke Tree Care Services Can Help With Tree Watering and More

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