Bedford, TX Tree Removal. Use Stump Removal or Grind Them?

Bedford, TX Tree Removal. Use Sump Removal or Grind Them

J Davis has spent years caring for trees, from tall saplings to gnarled old limbs and stumps. Over the years, we’ve worked hard to earn a place among the top Bedford, TX, tree services.

We offer tree service and removal, including stump grinding. We understand the importance of locating qualified professionals who can grind or remove tree stumps from your property without causing any damage to your home’s value.

Cutting off the branches and removing the trunk aren’t the only steps in tree removal. For maximum clearance, it’s best to consider the remaining stump. Our goal in cutting a tree down to the stump is to make the area look more attractive.

Here you can learn more about J Davis’s stump grinding and stump removal services in Bedford.


Exactly What Does “Stump Grinding” Entail?

A remnant stump between 6 and 12 inches high is left behind whenever a tree is felled. Using a self-powered stump grinder fitted with rubber treads, J Davis Stump Grinding in Bedford removes the unsightly stump for good.

You can have your stump ground lower than usual for an additional fee. The decomposition process will take care of anything beneath this threshold.

Wood chips made from grinding up the stump are then used to backfill the space around the stump. The size of the stump will determine how many wood chips are discarded.

Requesting the removal of the chips is another option. If you want to save money, have the stumps ground down simultaneously with the tree removal.


How Much Time Does It Take to Get Rid of a Stump?

Although stump removal is a viable option, stump grinding is far more common. This takes a lot of effort and money. The removal of the stump typically necessitates the use of specialized machinery. In addition, when you remove a stump, you’ll be left with a hole that needs to be backfilled. Stump grinding is usually sufficient, but this depends on the desired outcome.


The benefits of stump grinding compared to removal include:

There will be less of a mess.

If you look at the base of a large tree, you’ll see a root ball and roots that are several times as wide as the trunk itself. Stump and root removal can leave a massive hole in your yard that must be filled.

Grinding is less expensive.

Big tree stumps have huge root balls and roots that can be several times as wide as the trunk. Therefore, an enormous hole in your yard may result from removing a stump and its roots.


Bedford, TX Tree Removal. Use Sump Removal or Grind Them


How to Track Down Stump Grinders in Bedford, Texas

All our work in stump grinding and removal is covered by insurance, and we are fully licensed to do it. In addition, we have years of experience serving commercial and residential customers with tree maintenance needs.

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