Bedford, TX Tree Removal. Grind a Stump or Remove It?

Bedford tree removal

J Davis has worked in the tree care sector for many years, tending to anything from full-grown trunks to stumps. Over the years, we've developed a reputation as one of Bedford, TX's best tree care services.

Tree care, as well as stump grinding and removal, are our specialties. We recognize how critical it is to find reputable and knowledgeable professionals who can grind or remove tree stumps to keep your home's value intact.

To remove a tree, it needs more than merely chopping the branches and taking the trunk away. It would be beneficial if you considered the stump left behind to open up space entirely. We hope to create a lovely environment by removing a tree in its entirety, including the stump.

J Davis stump grinding and stump removal services in Bedford can be found here.


What is Stump Grinding?

A stump is left behind when a tree is cut down, usually 6 to 12 inches above ground level. J Davis Stump Grinding in Bedford overcomes this problem by grinding the stump down to ground level with a self-powered stump grinder with rubber treads.

If you pay an extra price, you can have your stump ground below the level of the standard procedure. Anything below this will be left to nature to handle, as it will decompose over time.

The stump is ground into wood chips and used to fill the hole and the surrounding area. The size of the stump determines the number of wood chips left behind. You can also ask for the chips to be taken away. As opposed to grinding stumps later, stump grinding while the crew removes your trees saves you money.


How Long Does Stump Removal Take?

The most popular approach is stump grinding, but a stump removal is also an option. This is a time-consuming and expensive process. To dig up the stump demands the employment of additional equipment typically. You'll be left with a hole that needs to be filled with dirt after you've removed the stump. Depending on the desired outcome, stump grinding is generally sufficient.

The benefits of stump grinding compared to removal include:

Less of a mess.

Large tree stumps will have massive root balls and roots up to many times the trunk's diameter. When removing a stump with the roots, you can end up with an enormous hole you need to fill in your yard.

Grinding is less expensive.

Filling large holes is costly, not just the materials but also the labor required to ensure the job is done correctly.


Finding Stump Grinders in Bedford, TX

We are licensed and insured to efficiently handle stump grinding and stump removal without causing you any inconvenience. We've been providing these tree care services to both residential and commercial clients for years.

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