Ask Arlington Tree Care. What Are Mushrooms On My Tree?

Ask Arlington Tree Care. What Are Mushrooms On My Tree?

When there is rain in the region, it can be a blessing in disguise, and it can lead to issues. The biggest issue is Fungi, which thrive in damp conditions and quickly multiply.

While a few toadstools in your yard may not suggest a severe issue, apparent fungal growth on trees should be investigated.

Fungal species can dwell in the soil around trees. Some are good for healthy soil ecology. Others, though, can spread through a tree’s living tissue, causing issues.

Fungi outbreaks triggered by damp weather lead to Italian cypresses getting sick. Unfortunately, there may be no prominent “mushroom” growth or warning signs before trees brown and dye.

However, with the help of Arlington Tree Care Services from J Davis, some fungal infections can be detected before they are an issue.


If You Have Kretzschmaria Deusta, You Need Arlington Tree Care

Root rot is caused by the fungus, Kretzschmaria deusta. Hackberries are a tree species native to North Texas that is frequently infected.

The root system may already be affected if there is evidence of fungal activity at the base. Unfortunately, there is no cure, and affected trees must usually be cut down.

Kretzschmaria is constantly present in the soil and can infect a tree if root or trunk damage occurs. Therefore, mulching the tree’s essential root zone is an effective strategy to protect it from bark damage and soil erosion and movement.


Arlington Tree Care Will Deal With Ganoderma

Ganoderma is the name of a fungus genus that includes various species found in the environment.

While the appearance of the many species varies, the ones usually observed in North Texas mature into ear-shaped growths known as “conks.”

The conks can appear on the trunk of a tree, near the base, or even grow directly from the ground. The conks start white or light-colored but eventually deepen to a dark orange or brown tint with a shiny surface.

Ganoderma is vulnerable to oaks and elms, although other tree species can also become affected.

Ganoderma, like Kretzschmaria, lives in the soil and infects trees when their roots are disturbed, and their protective bark is stripped away.

While Ganoderma is equally untreatable, it is more easily detectable in its initial stages and may be treated rather than removed. Excavation of the root zone can also aid in determining damage.


Where To Get Expert Tree Care in Arlington To Deal With Fungi?

It would help if you acted early after any heavy rain to save your trees. Because these fungi are always there, they are waiting and ready to pounce.

To keep your trees safe, it is best to get expert help and Contact J Davis Tree Care Solutions for the very best tree care programs or use the compact form below for a direct response.

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