Arlington Tree Care. Why Are My Trees Losing Leaves?

Arlington Tree Care. Why Are My Trees Losing Leaves?

Although falling leaves and color changes have become synonymous with Autumn, not all trees shed their leaves during this season. In Arlington, we have many live oaks, which is an exception to the general rule that trees only shed their leaves in the fall.

Do you have oaks in your garden that look like they are dying or sickly and are dropping leaves? It's most likely just a seasonal turnover of leaves.

Here you can learn more about how expert Arlington Tree Care can help.


Some Oaks Have a Leaf Exchange During the Spring

During the chilly winter months, losing leaves is natural for many trees to prepare for their upcoming dormancy.

Live oaks can lose their leaves of the year and are green during the winter. Spring is the time of year when most of the live oak leaves fall. In spring, as the temperature warms and the trees emerge from their winter slumber, live oaks produce new leaf buds.

Live oaks must shed their old leaves for new leaves to sprout. After dying, the old leaves turn brown and fall to the ground, preparing the ground for the new leaves to sprout.

The presence of yellow patches or veins on the fallen leaves shows that the live oaks are under stress from another source.

Consult with Arlington tree care services to inspect your trees for symptoms of environmental stress, pest activity, or oak wilt and make treatment recommendations.


How Tree Care Services Help

A Certified Arborist is a qualified individual who has completed extensive training in the biology and care of trees. With his considerable expertise and experience, he can assist you in selecting the optimum species and location for each tree and providing ongoing care for the tree during its life.

Before beginning construction, changing roadways, or altering drainage patterns, it is critical to consult with a professional arborist.

For most things, "prevention is preferable to cure." Using the services of an arborist, you can make informed decisions about which trees to maintain, how to care for them during construction, and how to design a landscape that will keep your trees healthy for many years.


What Trees Need to Survive?

Examine a few of the most significant aspects of comprehensive tree care to understand better how crucial it is.

When we look at a tree, it's simple to concentrate on the visible components, such as the trunk, branches, and foliage. However, the parts we can't see, such as the roots and the dirt, are far more critical.

Arlington tree care can help give your trees all they need throughout the year.


Where To Find Expert Arlington Tree Care?

When we care for our trees, they have the best chance of flourishing. To get your trees in the best of health, you can contact J Davis Tree Care Solutions or fill out the short form below to immediately assist with your tree care questions.

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