Arlington Tree Care Services. Arborists Can Fix Mistakes

Arlington Tree Care Services. Arborists Can Fix Mistakes

Did you know you shouldn't trim your trees? Besides this, even the most helpful landscaping company shouldn't attempt this as it can harm trees in your garden.

Many unintentional mistakes made by many parties can harm your trees. J Davis certified arborists drive around Arlington, TX, and see many instances where such mistakes are made.

Understanding the top mistakes a landscaper or you can make helps you realize why you need expert tree care services from J Davis to fix problems before it's too late.


Avoiding Tree Maintenance Errors

Pruning Excessively

Extreme pruning can expose tree limbs and branches to sunlight, starvation, pest infestations, and illnesses. Over-lifting or chopping off too many bottom branches is typical.

Another is tree topping or removing too much of the tree's crown. A freshly pruned tree should never look drastically different from before. Proper trimming yields minor alterations with intact foliage.

If your trees were over-trimmed, we could help strengthen them by deep root feeding them and healing wounds to reduce disease and pest exposure.


Too Much Mulch Around a Tree's Base

Did you know mulch should never touch a tree's base? Yes, start mulching a foot away from the tree's trunk. Moist mulch feeds water and nutrients to deep-rooted trees.

Adding manure, sawdust, or peat moss to the mulch helps maintain moisture all year. However, a tree with mulch around the base will develop browning, fungus, and disease. To rescue a tree with mulch around its base, go outdoors and pull the mulch back a foot from the trunk.

We will gladly remove mulch from around your trees during an arborist examination.


Leader Removal with Tree Trimming Experts

The central stem is the leader branch. The leader stem is the tree's tallest and central branch. The tree may develop infected and die if the leader is removed.

In certain circumstances, the lower branches brush against each other and break off, exposing the tree to illness. If there are two dominant leaders, the one growing in the best direction should be eliminated.

Remove a competing leader when the tree is young. A slow-growing leader shows poor pruning, and the tree's lower branches need to be pruned.

Allowing a rival leader to compete with the main branch might cause a crotch, causing one of the heavy branches to snap off, dividing the tree in half. This can cause tree death.


Flush Cut-Off Errors

Cutting a tree limb flush with the trunk helps protect wounds and callus formation, like how a scab protects a cut on our skin.

Instead, cut the tree at an angle, leaving a few inches above the collar and branch ridge to make it from illnesses and parasites. Then, if you look attentively at the branch's collar and ridges, you can see them.


Trees Are Lion Tailed By Mistake

By pruning too many lower and inner branches, lion tailing leaves only little tufts of foliage at the tips of the upper branches. However, on the summit of the gutted tree, long branches and a few leaves are growing.

An exposed tree is more susceptible to disease, fungi, and pests. It also removes the lower branches' protective shade, exposing the tree to sunburn. Never lion tail a tree; call an Arlington professional tree trimmer.


Arlington Tree Care Services. Arborists Can Fix Mistakes

Where To Find Tree Care Services and Maintenance in Arlington To Fix Issues?

To be sure your trees are in top condition, the recommendation is to let the experts deal with them regularly and leave your landscapers to do what they do best.  

To make sure your trees are healthy, Contact J Davis Tree Care Solutions for the very best tree care services.

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