Arlington Tree Care Company. How To Stop Winter Animal Damage?

Arlington Tree Care Company. How To Stop Winter Animal Damage?

While it's fascinating to witness how winter wildlife prepares for Arlington, TX winters, seeing the damage animals cause to gardens and trees in the winter is a hassle in the spring.

Deer, squirrels, rabbits, and chipmunks are among the few species that are active all year and can tolerate the cold.

In the spring and summer, we frequently defend plants that are susceptible, and we seek the burrows where rabbits, moles, and voles seek refuge. We typically take extra care of tiny plants and overlook our trees.

Learn about the harm that animals cause to trees and why you should use a professional tree care company in Arlington, TX.


Arlington Tree Care Company Protects Against Deer

Male deer are heading to the rutting season in the early October. With so many deer in Arlington, TX, it's no surprise that deer can be one of the most serious dangers to trees in the fall and early winter.

To remove their velvet, male deer brush their antlers against trees. Thin-barked trees, such as birch and redbud, are more susceptible to deer damage than other trees.

Girdling will occur if these thin-barked trees lose bark all the way around the circumference of the trunk. Even if some trees recover from girdling, they can perish. Losing limbs in certain locations is a sign of this and the energy flow from higher up the tree is cut off. The problem arises.


Rodent Damage And Arlington Tree Care Services

The upper half of the trunk is destroyed by deer, leaving the lower half to be worsened by lesser critters. Because the harm to your trees is hidden beneath the earth, it may go undiscovered.

Microscopic rodents gnaw on the bark beneath the surface of the tree, causing severe damage and slowly deteriorating its health. Rabbit damage is more obvious since they eat at the bark's surface level, causing visible damage to the bark's outside.

If there is snow on the ground, the damage may go unnoticed. Rabbit damage is most typically seen in the spring, and by that time, your tree's health may have deteriorated.


Arlington Tree Care Company. How To Stop Winter Animal Damage?

Where Can I Find Reliable Winter Tree Care in Arlington?

J. Davis Tree Care Solutions will assist you in protecting your trees during the winter months. Contact our team of experienced arborists if you live on a property that has a lot of animals visiting.

To create a barrier or shift mulch around your tree, we can use all our tree care abilities and strategies. To make sure your trees are in the best of health, Contact J Davis Tree Care Solutions for the very best tree programs for the winter and how to stop animals hurting your trees.

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