Winter Care Tree Services in Northlake, TX


It may come as a surprise, but late fall or winter is a great time to add tree care to your to-do list. Even though so many homeowners make spring and summer all about gardening and lawn care, trees and shrubs need special attention when leaves start changing color, and the weather gets colder.

While Northlake winters and wind storms may not be the same as other parts of the country, trees still need their downtime.

Here you can learn more about what needs doing for tree care in the winter and why it's better to off-load your professional tree care services to a company in Northlake, TX


Major Reasons for Tree Pruning in Northlake, TX Winter

There are so many factors why winters would be a better time to take care of your trees and shrubs.

First, it's easy to see branches better since all the leaves already fell. Now that we have an unrestricted view of your tree's structure and health, it's easy to determine the branches to be trimmed.  

The most important reason is the trees are dormant come winter. If pruned when growing, it might probably prevent them from growing as healthy. Winter pruning improves new spring growth.

The very last justification for trimming is diseases spread quickly in spring and summer. But there is a much lower chance of transmission in the winter.


Frost Protection for Tree Care Experts in Northlake

Small trees and shrubs require additional protection from chilly nights and days. To protect the young and smaller trees, we can cover these with fabric, including burlap or tarpaulin.

Our professional arborists at J. Davis also ensure that material's sides remain connected to the soil. Every additional heat is contained inside and making sure the material is loose to mitigate injury to every other branch. 


Mulching Around Your Trees

Mulch will be used for younger trees, which no longer will have to be protected but need further protection from the elements.

Shop bought mulch is great, but as part of our winter tree care services in Northlake, TX, we can arrange all you need with organic materials like wood chips.

We create a circle around the tree foundation, two to six inches deep and around three feet from the base. Never push mulch too close to the trunk as it can lead to rot or fungus. Adding mulch helps keep moisture and heat.


Watering Trees in Winter

While winters in Northlake are more for slow growth, we ensure we focus on how often trees are watered.  Whenever there's an extended amount of time there is no rain; your trees will love a dousing of 10-15 gallons of water. With tall trees, how much irrigation each needs depends on how big the trunk.


Finding Winter Tree Care Services in Northlake, TX

If your yard hasn't been clipped in a while, it's a smart idea to seek professionals; we can look to see what needs to be addressed.

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