Why Trees Need to Be Fertilized in Southlake, TX

Why Trees Need to Be Fertilized


Growing trees can be an exciting experience, but they need consistent maintenance in order to grow large, lush, and beautiful. Caring for trees includes investing in tree fertilization services in Southlake, TX each season so your tree has the best nutrients all year round. Davis Tree Care replaces the missing sustenance and minerals that your trees need to grow into the long-living wonder of nature that every tree deserves to be.

Fertilization Protects Your Trees

Trees are large and powerful, but even they need protection against the elements. The environment can put a lot of strain on your trees, causing a deficiency in energy and growth capacity. During the winter, cold frosts can kill plants in an instant. During the summer, heat stress can cause trees to wilt and die, especially if the soil dries up without being properly fertilized.

Pests are always a concern as well. Without bolstered strength to protect against infesting bugs, trees will soon become the newest home to a number of harmful species. Bugs can bore holes in wood and causes trees to rot away.

Yard Trees Need More Nutrients

Trees that grow in the wild have an advantage by living within the abundance of nature. But trees that live in a yard need more care and attention. Tree fertilization treatments in Southlake, TX will make sure that yard trees grow as large as possible.


On average, domestic trees have less twig and branch growth than wild trees. They also typically grow undersized leaves in comparison, with darker veins and yellowed bark. But the right kind of fertilizer can improve the look and lifestyle of your trees tremendously.


Get Tree Fertilization Services


At Davis Tree Care, we offer the most thorough tree care ever...or it’s free! We understand the importance of fertilization all year round and use only the best in products and quality. Contact us today to set up a tree care plan for your whole yard.