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Why Tree Removal is Important is dead tree removal will get rid of a tree as it gradually loses its strength and ability to withstand storm damage. Storms or strong winds may snap branches or bring down a dead tree. It has the potential to cause significant harm to nearby homes, vehicles, and even people.

Trees seem simple, yet large trees with broken tops or large damaged branches pose a threat to people and property. The tree will most likely survive if only around 25% of its branches are affected. Branches that are crossed or rubbing should be removed.

Below are some reasons you should turn to a professional tree removal service in Fort Worth rather than risk causing damage yourself.


When Should I Remove Large Trees? Fort Worth Tree Removal

  • The trunk is in terrible shape. Internal decay is showed by cracks or breaks in the tree's trunk, large wounds, and dead branch stubs.
  • Trees with leaders or multiple trunks often develop structural problems.
  • The tree has a hollow interior. A tree with a hollow trunk has been severely weakened and is now a threat. It is enough to cut a third of the tree if it is rotted or hollow on the inside.
  • The tree has leaned. While not all leaning trees are risky, a tree that unexpectedly leans to one side could have structural issues.
  • At the base of the tree, you notice sprouts. Epicormic shoots are a sign that the tree is stressed and should be tested by a specialist.
  • The tree is in the path of power lines. A tree growing into power lines may become a threat and will require a licensed arborist or tree service to remove it.
  • A house or other structure is too near to the tree. Trees close to a building or hanging over the roof may need to be removed–or pruned regularly. Large trees should be kept at least 20 feet away from a house or structure.


Who Is Liable for Tree Root Damage? Fort Worth Tree Removal

A tree can be too close to your home, yet it could also be close to your neighbors. The tree owner may be responsible for damage caused to a neighbor's property, but only if it can be found that the tree's owner failed to maintain the tree properly.

Such failure is negligence, and a negligence owner can be liable for all damage resulting from such negligence.




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