Why Expert Tree Care Won’t Top Trees Irving Tree Trimming

Irving Tree Trimming Experts

Customers frequently request that we “top” their trees because they are unhappy with their current height. This approach has been around for a while, but it often causes more issues than it solves.

You’ll find more information on why skilled tree services in Irving won’t top trees unless necessary.


What Is Tree Topping in Irving?

Tree topping refers to randomly cutting off the tops of trees.

The horizontal removal of the tree’s upper branches drastically shortens the tree. Height reduction, also known as a topping, heading, tipping, or round racking, is meant to be quick and cost-effective.


Why Tree Topping In Irving Causes Issues?

Half or more of its leafy crown is cut off when a tree is topped. Through photosynthesis, plants can convert the energy from light into chemical energy that may be used to fuel the tree.

The tree’s ability to photosynthesize is diminished without the leaves, which might put it under stress. Under duress, a tree will either rapidly sprout shoots to create new leaves or die.

In the long run, topping can kill a tree, but it can also lead it to grow back faster, necessitating further trimming.

Topping a tree is not only harmful to the tree but also looks bad because the tree ends up with a flat top and seems more like a bush than a tree.

What’s more, the proposed strategy for the tree’s regeneration isn’t exactly enticing. As soon as you trim the branches, a new set of shoots will emerge from the cuts, and the sight is not very pleasing. Such branches are vulnerable to breaking in high winds and storms, which might result in injury.


What’s the Alternative to Irving Tree Topping?

The height of a tree can be trimmed in a way that is safe, aesthetically pleasing, and functional. The tree’s height and natural renewal can be reduced by carefully selecting which branches to clip.

For as long as possible, the tree will look great and be the right height, and its short- and long-term health will be protected.


Irving Tree Trimming Experts


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Pruning and trimming native trees helps them maintain a healthy, aesthetically pleasing appearance. Keep in mind that J Davis has expert tree and shrub removal and stump grinding services.

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