When Are Trees High Risk? Trophy Club Tree Removal

Removing Trees in Trophy Club, Arizona

What does it mean when a tree is considered "high risk?" If the tree in your yard is diseased, rotting, or experiencing any other problems, it should be removed as it poses a risk to your home and yard.

If you notice any of the following warning signs around your Trophy Club property, it's time to call in the tree care and removal experts: J Davis.


Tree Services in Trophy Club Can Identify Tree Hazards

Mushrooms can only flourish in places with plenty of decay. Furthermore, they have the potential to accelerate deterioration as they expand. So when your Trophy Club tree services notice mushrooms, it could be a bad sign.

Dead and Broken Limbs: One of the most accessible signs is dead branches, especially in the spring and summer. Dead branches will have brown, withered leaves or none at all. There is a risk of injury and property damage as these branches age and become more susceptible to damage during storms.

A little lean is normal, but if your tree looks like it's going to topple over, the weight is concentrated too heavily on one side. Leaning trees pose a serious threat to people and property during stormy conditions.

Your tree may immediately threaten your property if its roots are exposed or the soil on the side opposite the lean is cracked. Contact the certified arborists at J Davis Tree Service if you have any questions or concerns about swaying trees.

Insects can cause significant damage to trees by chewing distinctive patterns into the bark or nibbling at different parts of the tree. This photograph shows the telltale of bark beetle damage on a tree trunk. Your tree may die if it suffers enough insect damage.

Small insect-sized holes are another telltale sign your trees are infested. Please get in touch with our ISA-certified arborist if any of your trees show signs of insect damage.


Help Removing Trees in Trophy Club, Arizona

If any of these items apply to a tree on your property, then you should contact an ISA Certified Arborist to look at your tree. Our arborists at J Davis Tree Care Services can assess your trees, and if it isn't possible to save them, then tree removal could be your only option.

All our professionals put the onus on making sure trees are in the best health. Contact J Davis Tree Care Solutions to find out more about the best tree care or tree removal if you think you have a high-risk tree. You can also use the compact form below for a direct response.

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