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What Makes a Healthy Tree? You do everything you can to keep your tree healthy; unfortunately, trees can grow sick despite your best efforts. Here are some signs of whether or not your tree is healthy.

It is worth noting that tree care isn't easy, and it is best to use Crowley Tree Care Services to help your trees be healthy.


Crowley Tree Pruning Professionals

For most trees, a central leader should be created. Furthermore, one leader maintains a straight appearance, giving structure stability and strength. Beware, though: some trees have more than one leader.

Peach, cherry, and plum trees all bear fruit. A good example is a tree with numerous trunks. More than one leader, though, causes the tree to split. If you have questions, please contact tree care services at J Davis for help.


Annual Growth

Annual growth should be noticeable on your tree's trunk and branches. However, it can be challenging for regular people to know what is new and what isn't. Tree care professionals can show you where new growth occurs by looking at the previous year's bark. Different species grow at different rates. J Davis professionals can examine your trees and advise which needs more attention.

Not many homeowners realize that dead or broken branches attract insects and diseases. Verify the branches show any green, or you can find they can easily fall when dead.


A Healthy Trunk Comes from Pro Tree Care

A tree's overall health depends on its trunk. If the bark is loose or peeling, it's not a good sign. Fungi developing on the trunk is another symptom of poor tree health.

Trunk damage frequently leaves an open wound for insects and diseases to feed on. With that in mind, exercise caution when using lawn equipment near trees. If you detect major fractures or holes in the trunk of your tree, call a possible tree service right once.

Wilting is one of the few visible signs of a sick tree. Here's the deal: When a tree is stressed, its leaves and stems become droopy and lose their rigidity. A wilting tree is usually caused by a lack of water, overwatering, too much or too little sun, or diseases.



Crowley Tree Care Services Maintain Tree Leaf Color

The color of your tree's leaves is a good predictor of its health? You will see differences based on the season.

A red flag is when leaves turn yellow or are stunted and unevenly formed. Such changes can indicate nutrient deficits, insect damage, watering issues, pesticide damage, and diseases.

J Davis puts an emphasis on making sure your trees are in the best of health at any time of year. Contact J Davis Tree Care Solutions to find out more about the best tree care programs, or use the compact form below for a direct response.

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