What Are Caring Tips for Planting Trees? Tree Care Keller

It's important to note that proper tree care begins with the selection of a tree. And what you do to your tree during the first few years of existence will affect its form, strength, and even longevity.

Although it may seem to be a simple task, it is much easier to enlist the help of Keller tree care professionals to care for your young trees and ensure that they have a healthy start in life.


Water Routinely is DIY Tree Care

The most critical requirement of newly planted trees is water. Without enough moisture, root growth and regeneration are impossible. Ensure that new trees are watered regularly for the first two years after they are planted.

Enough water should keep the soil around the roots moist but not soggy. During dry periods, inspect the ground once a week. Soils that are gravelly or sandy may need more regular watering, whereas silty or clay soil may need less.


Pro Tree Care Mulches Every Couple of Years

Mulch conserves moisture, suppresses grass and weeds that compete with tree roots, maintains soil temperature, improves the soil with organic matter, and protects tree trunks from mowers and weed whips.

To keep a 3-inch-thick layer of mulch, replace it every two years. As the tree matures, the mulch rings can become more expansive.


Professional Tree Care Will Remove Wires and Ties

A pro tree care specialist will cut support wires or connections from a tree. Around three months after planting, they will check whether a staked tree can stand on its own.

If not, repeat the process in three months, and so on. Stakes with no connections can be left in place to secure the trunk from mowers, boats, and other heavy machinery.


Trees Need Professional Pruning

The first two years after planting, pruning is usually not needed. Since food-producing leaves are removed during pruning, it's detrimental to trees. Branches that are dead or split should be removed as soon as possible.

To prevent possible separation, consider removing soft forks or V-shaped crotches in the trunk. Lower side branches of the trunk may be removed as the tree grows to promote a "shade tree" shape.



Monitor for Pests with Pro Tree Care in Keller, TX

Insect and disease pests can cause havoc on a newly transplanted tree. Insects that kill a tree's foliage in or attacks the trunk are dangerous. Loopers, known as inchworms, bagworms, and other spring-feeding caterpillars, are all potentially hazardous insects.

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