Types of Tree Trimming in Arlington, TX

Tree trimming in Arlington, TX is the process of removing old or weak branches from trees so that they do not fall and cause injury or damage properties. Some of the various types of trimming are:

•    Crown thinning

•    Crown reduction

•    Espalier pruning                                                           


                                                                Crown thinning

This is whereby you select certain branches to remove so that you allow more light to penetrate as well as air to circulate freely in the crown of that tree. This helps to reduce weight on the branches while at the same time restoring the shape of the tree. In this case, only 25% of the crown of the tree should be removed. In this type of reduction, branch tips are usually cut sideways so that they can act as a point of development.

                                                              Crown restoration

This is a type of tree trimming in Arlington, TX that is done to trees that have been damaged by winds, or in other cases trees that are vandalized. Branches are cut smaller than the normal size so that they can regain their natural appearance.

This process requires a lot of time especially depending on the tree type and what is the extent of the damage.

                                                                Crown raising

This is where you remove branches of a tree so that you can see clearly in the vertical direction. Crown raising is usually done on the lower part of the crown.  How far from objects below helps the arborist figure out how many branches to remove on the lower part of the tree.

                                                              Crown cleaning

This type of pruning entails removal of dead and broken tree branches. Arborists do this to ensure the tree isn't infected by diseases or attacked by insects.




When you take care of your trees it helps to maintain their health and increase their life span. This helps you harvest more trees.