Tree Fertilization at its best in Keller, TX

Tree Fertilization


It is true that trees in urban areas normally grow in soil that has insufficient nutritional elements. The attributes that disrupt the nutrient cycle in urban areas include roads, pavements, lack of leaf regeneration and pavement.


The secret to tree fertilization in Keller, TX is realized by the distribution of the right amount of nutrients specifically during the right time. What you need to know is that the most deficient nutrients in a tree are the macro-nutrients. These are the nutrients that the tree needs most. A tree that is deficient in these nutrients will start by showing signs of reduced growth, yellowing the leaves and producing smaller leaves.

The other type of nutrients needed is the secondary nutrients. These are required in moderate amounts. They include potassium, phosphorus, and sulfur. It is critical to understand that macro-nutrients are required by the tree in small amounts.

Here are some of the common tree fertilization application techniques.

-Surface Application.

You can use granular fertilizer and spread it all over the ground using a spreader. This fertilization method is easy, and you will not need to use any kind of special equipment. Just spreading it around the tree will be beneficial.

-Sub-surface Application.


This tree fertilization best in Keller, TX technique is beneficial especially if your tree is surrounded by turf grass around. What you need to do is use two methods which are;

The drill-hole method which involves literally drilling holes around your tree in concentric circles. The holes you dig should go all the way to the drip lines. This allows one to effectively put fertilizer deep enough that turfgrass will not reach and consume it.

The liquid injection is another technique one can use. You dissolve the fertilizer in water and the solution gets injected into the soil around the tree. This method ensures that the fertilizer is distributed well evenly.

The other technique is Foliar application and tree injection.

This is usually a short-term fix. It ensures that the micronutrients the tree is lacking are supplied to the tree. It can be sprayed to the leaves of the tree. Implants and injections are also used to fix minor deficiencies of the tree.