Tree Fertilization Techniques You Can Use in Southlake, TX

Tree fertilization in Southlake, TX entails distributing needed nutrients to the trees at the expected time. The trees will start showing some signs when they need macronutrients like slowing in growth, the leaves yellowing and having smaller leaves. The needed nutrients to the trees can be sulfur, potassium, and phosphorous, and they should be given in prescribed quantity.


It is always difficult to know the types of nutrients needed by trees, and it's why the professionals should always be consulted to do tree fertilization. They will fertilize the trees with the available techniques which will make the trees healthy and up again. These three techniques are different by the period, foliage, condition of the tree, and one's preferences.


Here are available techniques that are used with the professionals during tree fertilization.


1. Surface Application


The spreader is used to apply fertilization top of the ground widely. The process is easy to implement and needs few requirements, and the experts will always ensure the spread the exact amount of fertilizer needed.


2. Sub-surface Application


The technique is applied times when there is turf grass surrounding the trees. The grass can limit the fertilizer to expose themselves to the freelance they easily absorb nutrients compared to the root system of the tree; hence, the need to apply fertilization turfgrass area. Experts can also use this technique when I'm areas with runoff water which needs either hole injection or drilling. The method requires holes to be new drilled at the tree center and extended towards the drop lines, which will enable you to put fertilizer to the trees deeply.


3. Tree Injection and Foliar Application


It needs the experts to spread all nutrients so that it can easily correct any small elements available. The leaves can also be spread during spring season before it starts growing rapidly.


Tree fertilization in Southlake, TX techniques are available, and only the professionals are capable of handling them well. It is hence the best idea when you consult them to manage your trees as they grow.