Tree Fertilization – Davis Tree Care in Keller, TX

We know you love the trees in your property and want them to be healthy. However, you may be wondering if your trees need fertilizers to thrive and if they do, whether some DIY tree fertilizer can help serve the purpose.

With all this uncertainty, it is best to trust a professional. At Davis Tree Care, we understand all your tree’s needs. With us, you’re sure to get the right tree fertilization in Keller, TX so your trees are well prepared to fight diseases, pests, and environmental stresses.

Why Trees Need Fertilization

Contrary to popular opinion, trees are not self-sustaining; they require extra care. Trees in a suburban environment often suffer from a lack of nutrients since they are planted away from their native soils.

By doing proper tree fertilization in Keller, TX, you are ensuring that they grow healthy, irrespective of where they are planted. At Davis Tree Care, we assess the soils where your trees are planted before applying the right fertilizer.

Why You Should Hire US

At Davis Tree Care, we have a team of professional arborists. As such, we offer deep-root tree fertilization services, ensuring that the nutrients get deep into the soil. Applying fertilizer on the trees in your lawn might make the grass greener, without necessarily benefiting your trees.

We conduct a soil probe to ensure there is correct distribution of the fertilizer. We guarantee that the nutrients reach the roots before they’re dispersed throughout the tree. This not only nourishes your trees but also improves their defense against diseases and insects.

Make a Smart Choice

Davis Tree Care guarantees that your trees will continue to thrive. Offering the most thorough tree care ever, you trusted us to take care of your trees any day of the week.


To help stimulate vigorous growth for your trees, call Davis Tree Care today!