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Summer days are energizing because of their bright nature. It's time for park picnics, relaxing in your garden hammock under the shade of trees, and viewing the vibrant blooms. Trees give a pleasant respite in the summer, providing UV protection and cooler temperatures.

However, if you want your trees to supply you with all the benefits you want in the summer, you'll need to pay them more attention.

You want to ensure your trees can withstand everything, including extreme heat and drought. Our summer tree care checklist includes all the information you'll need to succeed. Here you can see why Weatherford, TX tree care services can help.


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Summer tree trimming is one task on your seasonal to-do list, but there are a few things to keep in mind when cutting trees in the summer.

To ensure the safety of your property, summer pruning is excellent for removing any dead branches, as well as those that are drooping or considered high-risk. These branches are unnecessary for you and your tree because they are more prone to fall.

This is also a suitable time to shape trees and bushes in your yard to improve their appearance. It could be as simple as cutting any oddly tall sections that have grown haphazardly around the natural contour of your plant.

Consult J Davis, a certified arborist, before cutting elms and oaks in the summer, as this is when they are most susceptible to vascular wilts.


Tree Care Includes Shrubs and Trees

You'll want to prune your trees and shrubs as summer approaches to check for potential problems. Insect infestations may be shown by damage to tree leaves and stems, for example. Have a competent arborist evaluate your tree if you notice any oozing sap, borer holes or sawdust, unusual, chewed leaves, or leaf dieback.

This will help you detect an insect problem before it becomes too severe. Branch dieback and leaf spots are stress and illness indicators that should be evaluated by a professional.

Because emerald, green leaves are so popular in the summer, you'll want to check your soil moisture if you observe any yellowing. Your tree may suffer from heat stress. The darkening of summer leaves suggests they are conserving water.

Alternatively, your tree could show that it is over-watered, just as it could show that it is under-watered. So, before you decide, check the moisture level deep within your soil. Irrigation may be too frequent if the soil is regularly saturated with water and does not have time to drain.


Soil Protection With Weatherford Tree Care Services

If your soil is frequently dry in the summer, try a gradual, deep watering method on your larger trees that require hydration, such as a drip or soaker hose.

It's best not to guess because different trees require different amounts of water. However, a general rule is to water 5 gallons for every 1 inch of trunk diameter.

A certified arborist from J Davis tree care services can help guarantee that your tree roots get the water they need. In addition, overhead irrigation should be avoided since it can aid disease transmission.

Summer is also a wonderful time to keep applying tree fertilizer and supplementing shrub and lawn nutrition if deficiencies develop during the season.


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A professional arborist can evaluate your trees and tell you which ones are in danger and need to be trimmed, cared for, or if you need tree removal.

Reducing the weight at the extremities of the limbs is another technique to lower the chances of failure.

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