Top-Quality Tree Removal in Southlake, TX

If you want top-quality tree removal in Southlake, TX hire someone who respects trees and the land in which they grow. Hire someone who respects you and your property. Hire someone who takes a pride in the job that they do. This way you get the best service. Only this way will you get the most thorough tree care ever.... or it's free. That is what you get from Davies Tree Care.


Quality tree removal involves having the services of highly skilled and experienced operatives equipped with the best tools for the job, and that is what Davies Tree Care offers you. We are qualified to deal with trees of all sizes and types. We can deal with trees in any situation, ranging from a small garden, a local street right up to a woodland, park, or institution


Firstly, Davies Tree Care will professionally inspect your tree and the site to ensure that we can precisely determine how to bring it down safely. This is a vital safety precaution necessary to protect people, property and other trees. Your safety matters to us. This is essential to our professional goal of providing the most thorough tree care ever.... or it's free.


Next, we will bring down your tree safely and speedily. We are fully equipped to remove the stump with minimum disturbance to the land around it. We can then dispose of the tree and stump for you, chipping the wood on site and ferrying the waste away. We will then make the site tidy again, filling in the hole left by the stump, and if you want, planting a suitable replacement of your choice.


Davies Tree Care offers top-quality tree removal in Southlake, TX second to none. That is why we can confidently say you will receive the most thorough tree care ever.... or it's free!